Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Date When You’re on a Tight Budget

Enjoying a date on a tight budget is easy in all four seasons; free dates include walks, ice skating, dance lessons or drum circles. Go on cheap dates while saving money withadvice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. @Attila709 That way you can cover the cost of your meal! You’re a fucking genius. Thanks for the advice!

  2. zuzanarox says

    @barrtarr LOL!! hmmmpff LMAO

  3. OinopsPontos says

    this girl looks easy as shit.

  4. chopNshop says

    I gets money.

  5. pcbgatlas says

    Here’s another one. Take her to the laundrymat, sit in front of the laundry machines and pretend you are both watching lost on tv.

  6. 00Avenger17 says

    im in stavanger.

  7. 00Avenger17 says

    @Attila709 snap

  8. LowLowSpinners says

    that was so horny

  9. which woman is going to slip the cost? wake up!

  10. blabblab1212 says

    Another low cost dating tip is to invite a girl over to your apartment and then say, “instead of going out to dinner, why don’t we just make a can of pork and beans, and then after bit, light each others farts and photograph the blue flame coming out of our asses”! Girls just love a man with novel ideas!

  11. barrtarr says

    Did she squeeze out a tight budget New York poo at 16 seconds ?? WTF was that brief heaving sound? Hope that was her couch…..

  12. knightofcush says

    leaves, hot guy, pikinick, beach, outdoors
    ice skatin, tight budget, ,jealosy, u will always win, other woman…..i

  13. CowboyNiceguy says

    i know it ain’t cheap but going Paintballin is alwase fun,

  14. TreeHuggerLtd says

    FO FREE!

  15. HipHopIzzDead says

    I dont Know what part of NYC she’s from but in Brooklyn there’s no such thing as Ice skating or even flowers…

  16. Attila709 says

    I usually take the woman to mcdonalds and afterwards collect cans and bottles together.

  17. richiekock says

    haha LOL…eat mor chikin’!

  18. n8iveidiot13 says

    skating is a GREAT idea… i live in canada and girls LOVE hockey and skating goes hand in hand and its winter time here 😀

  19. dagonlord32002 says

    thank you for the kind reply but that’s just internet trash talk.

  20. LisaJMoore says

    Ladies don’t like being called such. Stop it. Listen-PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD. PERIOD.
    Would you let your sister or daughter date you if you have one? Get real.
    There is someone for everyone. That is also important to remember. Be patient, not confrontational and calling such lovely names…..just a thought, okay? Good luck…

  21. utubenicholas says

    this chick loves leaves!

  22. AxiomaticObserver says

    Nah I think it makes you look honest.

  23. kanavans says

    Tell your date your’e on a tight budget? That’s terrible advice. Makes you look like a loser.

  24. TheABsiNtHeFaiRy says

    it depends on how you say hello and present yourself. if you do it respectfully and you smell nice and she still rolls her eyes then you just saved yourself a ton of trouble. a woman lacking a graceful response to a respectful attempt at communication is not one you want to see in the first place. so cheer up.

  25. TheABsiNtHeFaiRy says

    i don’t agree with her tips either, maybe its just a culture thing i guess. american dating motions might be different from european ones in that case.

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