Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Date a Hot Guy

The best way to date a hot guy and keep him yours is by avoiding jealousy and jealous outbursts. Snag that hot guy by exuding confidence withadvice from a dating coach in this free video on dating tips for women. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. MrMaryJanes says

    What a conceded bitch.

  2. UtzChips2009 says

    Those are some delicious shoulders!

  3. pokelover02 says

    this is pretty awful:/ i mean, ur pretty and all, but u dont give any good advice:/ sure the part about knowing that ur beautiful is good..cuz all the guys i know hate it when a girl calls herself ugly or fat, but the rest is bogus

  4. dragonflybitch says

    your an idiot

  5. H2OCLANzZ says

    hey guess what fat ass your ugly

  6. Casarzino says

    I think it’s flattering for us guys if our girl is a little jealous and feels good.. if she doesn’t care then it can also seem like she doesn’t care about the relationship

  7. xThaddeusx says

    is it just me, or is that one massive typo?

  8. Chipwhitley274 says

    They couldn’t edit the title to “Dating Tips for Girls”?

  9. CowboyNiceguy says

    I wonder how maney woman watch this?

    And yes this feels kinda gay watching this, but i did say nohomo

  10. BuddyOrange says

    ahahah i can’t belive this…

  11. sneakonproductionz says

    the tone is kinda like…. “oh and the rest of you guys that are not “hot” should just go and kill yourselves”

  12. Blondylynn says

    I bet u get cheated on allll the time by your not hott guy.

  13. blake7820 says

    =( i feal a lil gay for watching this and all of this is a lie

  14. shytzilla says

    i feel kinda gay

  15. prooasis says

    I can tell she likes me…..

  16. deatheart360 says

    hmmm not interested in “hot guy”
    im straight.
    …sigh theres 1:24 of my life i wont get back….

  17. SirHappyThe1st says

    This woman talks a lot of sense.
    At least she doesnt talk like a pick up artist and mention negs, disqualification, sets, peacocking, social value, preselection, ability to emote, fixed routines, kino escalation, made up stories and stale chat up lines.
    Just refreshing sensible talk.

  18. parousia555 says

    A hot guy usually has a hot hand that will always be around in the middle of the night when the “hot” girl needs a powder

  19. parousia555 says

    What happened to share and share alike?

  20. BossHogg650 says

    nice couch bitch..

  21. itowedin says

    I hope that’s not HER couch. Blech.


    If you’re unattractive, repulsive, boring, smelly, fashion-challeged & dorky …

    Please don’t be yourself …

  23. Papawowmac says

    ‘Dating tips for guys’ ….’how to date a hot guy’ oh joy! lets play big veiny snake in the hairy mud hole.

  24. lindaluvsya90 says

    aha! hahahaha thats funny….NOT
    my boifriend says im hott when im jealous and he likes to remind me hes mine!!!

  25. WinterSong99 says

    Not true…everyone is different! BLAH!!!

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