Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Buy a Woman a Drink

Buying a woman a drink at a bar or concert as a first move will not tell if she likes you, or start up conversation. Know when to buy a drink and try landing a date with dating advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. willemdawillem says

    I NEVER bought a girl a drink when I regularly was going out… Still I had another girl almost every other week. In my opinion it’s all about eye-contact and being your natural self.. You don’t have to be SOMETHING, just yourself and don’t be ashamed for yourself or your weaknesses.. That’s all it takes..

    Plus I don’t see why men should buy women drinks anymore, women make just as much money as men. It’s something men did when women were still ladies……….

  2. StyleSessions says

    women always buy me a drink because I’m so fuckin handsome, I’m not joking.
    I usually dont have to spend a penny in any pub or club.

  3. fixdeluxe1 says

    @bansani1 Hahaha.

  4. fixdeluxe1 says

    I always drink cosmopolitans,so I always offer a metropolitan,much more potent yet not very “obvious”.I also try and smooth talk my way in,and aim to have dates at night,when it’s raining and cold,and in a candle-lit bar or restaurant.I NEVER have a date at a nightclub,too crowded and inpersonal.

  5. LowLowSpinners says


  6. Raspout1981 says

    What the fuck…the lady has to buy you a drink…not the opposite !

    If she does not, you did the job wrong…

    You should NEVER buy a women a drink, and if she ask for it, you say: I dont buy wemens drinks. It will build some attraction cause she will know you’re not one of those losers who dont get any wemens cause you dont seem to care about her, and that’s when she will want you…if you do like other guy’s, who fail, well guess what ? You will fail !

  7. FutureLaugh says

    finally something i agree with! dont spend a dime on a hooker because the fool that is buying her drinks all night will go home with tears of a clown while her ex bf asshole Juan-Carlos is fucking her face all night

  8. JohnDoe0329 says

    I want buy a drink for you, because I like you.

  9. HAHAHAHA! good advise my ex and her mates would purposely look for guys to buy them drinks then walk away and get a free drink. A mate of mine for 6 drinks in a hour at a club doing this. Can’t complain because i got more than a few free drinks this way.

  10. xxsnatchxx says

    u r right amigo. this chica looks like she just got banged.

  11. xxsnatchxx says

    My advice is to avoid friend requests at all costs! Girls love a challenge so make her earn a friend request. Even better, make her friend request you. And even then, you can play with her and not accept it for a couple of days. As far as your current situation, stay away from online and send her a text. She’s going to check her phone more frequently than online. There’s a possibility she only checks online every so often. If she doesn’t respond to your text soon, move on, she’s not interested.

  12. BrotherInChrist88 says

    this is true.

  13. First of all you only buy drinks for women your having sex with that is a priviledge they have earned.

  14. BlackshirtsofNEB08 says

    Does she live close to you? If so do you see her every now and then? Then you could talk to her.
    If you just added her and she didn’t message back, if it was me, I would try it once more. Send her a casual message like how are you?… ect. If she doesn’t message back then you will know. Hope that helps out good luck.

  15. Tifftrinity says

    If it’s Facebook send her a poke and see if she pokes back…If she does, then just send an small message saying, “Hey you! Just curious…How are you doing today?”, If a guy sent me an message like that I would love it! A. Because he said he was CURIOUS about me and B. Because he wanted to learn more about me without the feeling of being clingy! 🙂

  16. TheLegendarySpirit says

    i have a question, now anyone can feel free to answer my question whether it’s good, great, excellent, bad, horrible, offensive of any sort, just answer: i sent this girl a ”friend request” and she excepted my request, then i sent a message saying: hey, thanks for the add, and she doesn’t reply back, now i really am interested in this girl i added, seriously, should send another message trying to get to know her better or leave it alone because she didn’t reply the 1st time?

  17. MrElfstar says

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  18. kodythepimp01 says

    what if your like “If i buy you a drink you gonna chat with me for a lil bit” all flirty and stuff

  19. zoesexymodeldating says

    date me see my video

  20. superjuandiego says

    how to buy a woman a drink? easy … just don’t!

  21. 9999sanchez says

    Don’t roll out closing time bitch.

  22. bjackrose says

    I agree with this woman. The only question I have is when she says that buying a woman a drink does not assure that she will “talk to you”. No straight man wants to sit and listen to a woman talk anyway so that’s a good thing. It’s rare that my life was enriched after speaking to a woman. Good advice though–Don’t buy a woman a drink.

  23. dude you rock so much I just took a shit in my pants.

  24. 9999sanchez says

    Great idea boysani1.

  25. 9999sanchez says

    She’s pretty hot,.. and horny!

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