Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Be Attractive to Women

Being attractive to women is about passion, confidence and hygiene more than money or the right career, and don’t be desperate. Become more attractive to women with tips from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. @cryora Actually, scratch that, I think women can have passions for men. If a woman represents or is an embodiment of a certain ideal, that can make her highly attractive, as if she’s a goddess to be worshipped for what she stands for. The same can happen if a man embodies a certain ideal. That’s why personality is so important, because you can’t wholly embody an ideal by appearance alone. You must represent it through your behavior and actions.

  2. How do you know she’s not just giving advice on how to be attractive to her? Cause some women are attracted to money. Not that money makes the guy himself more attractive, but the woman will probably get with him to use his money, then get out. Women don’t see men like objects of beauty, like treasures, like men see women, so I don’t think women have “passions” for men, per se.

  3. thevettedude66 says

    @oterotularosa unfortunatlay your right about lust and the heat of the monent any girl who says doesent cheat is a fucken liar any girl that has told me that has cheated

  4. nathanreilly says

    @DeadlyCapGun LMFAO!!!

  5. fenderbassliberal says

    charlie sheen breaks all rules besides hygiene…seems to be going well for him???

  6. Uxoriouswidow says

    @petercoolsexy In fairness, men do, to a much lesser extent, desire the same thing. It is far more gratifying, for example, when anyone is given attention by someone else who is often cold with them. In womens’ cases, though, they seem to like to think that a man could do without them, but is with them despite that.

  7. DeadlyCapGun says

    socks with sandals, chicks dig it.

  8. pobopower says

    “girls dont like boys girls like cars and money” – amen to that

  9. xWillxHicksx says

    I hope this works, I don’t think my gf likes me as much as I do her.

  10. Praetorian1776 says

    O.K. First things first, all the coaches we have now is a bunch of bullshit … life coaches, dating coaches, career coaches blah, blah, blah. We didn’t need them all this time. Now suddenly no rich person can live without them. It’s a fad, a trend, here today, gone tomorrow. Next, I think this woman is a fake. You can tell by her bad acting when she smiles and laughs during the video. She knows she’s full of shit. She couldn’t find her ass with both hands … harsh but true.

  11. Brandon75689 says

    So true

  12. Right! The overweight balding yet passionate man with nice body spray is always more attractive than the underwear model with the Jag, get that guy a breath mint!

    mmm hmmm

  13. shadesofgrey56 says

    I was always told not to take advice on girls from girls…

  14. edwinthomasr says

    i hear that dating is one of the hottest pasttimes right now!

  15. petercoolsexy says

    The more you Ignore her, the more she wants you. Women are not like men, They are looking for someone that doesn’t want them.

  16. petercoolsexy says


  17. Attila709 says

    Just wear a hot guy mask.

  18. oterotularosa says


    no shit. i was well off and now a poor bastard. before it was money money and now after spending it on them. it got me no where but used and unfortunately home forecloses soon and i lost it all due to trying to keep the “special some one” ha. love dont exist. your just the heat of the moment. lust. anytime i hear a woman say i love you or i dont cheat i dislike her. shes full of shit.

  19. I love the part where she says she’ll still like you if your a passionate film maker, holy christ, a fuckin film maker can make 100 times more than a lawyer lol

  20. there are two populations, the one that men use for one-night stand and usually cheat on like you, and the relationship-type ones that enjoy what this girl explains

  21. i have done most of the things this girl says not to do in the past…

  22. to be attractive to a woman, you need two things: Brad Pitt’s looks, and Brad Pitt’s bank account.

    Any woman who says otherwise is a lying sack of shit, and everybody knows it.

    Don’t fall for their bullshit, guys…or you’ll be sorry you didn’t listen to me.

  23. GreazyMuhfoh says

    Here, here! However, you’d be surprised how many guys smell like shit and go on a date anyways. I’m tired of hearing, “Yeah you need to be confident”. lt seems like the same things are being said over and over again by different “experts”. I’m starting to think that the problem is is that this can never really acutally be taught. Someone needs to find it in themselves.

  24. danielyeh says


    some things that are obvious to some may not obvious to all! you never know =P

  25. philosopher2king says

    Let me add that you should not pick your nose or toot during a date… As long as we’re giving obvious advice I thought I’d chime that in.

    98% of all dating advice I ever got from women was useless.

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