Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Attract Women

Attract women with confident body language, including eye contact and a smile, and open conversation. Become more attractive to women with advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys. Expert: Jessica Claire Contact: Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives call in advice on dating. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. apocalypse105 says

    WOW thats something i didnt know wow XD

  2. TheUltramagnus1 says

    Men, never take dating advice from women. They have never tried to pick up a women, as a man, so how would they know the proper way to do it? Plus, as we all know, she is a woman she has no idea what she wants anyway.

  3. doorslammerules says

    u wanna get laid quick
    ha then holla at a blonde chick
    they are so fucking easy, easy, not dumb

  4. show her your arm pit!

  5. carnifexdeathcore says

    she is very smooth with her words and movements. and even as a guy that is very cool and attractive.

  6. Yatolcharles says

    if that girl already know what do i do

  7. BrotherInChrist88 says

    @illbetilbake you got some issues kid and your letting your experiences make you very judgmental

  8. monstermasher666 says

    @greekman234 if your that badd ass why not just tie her up and kill one of her family members every hour till she agrees to go out with you

  9. myeternaldestiny says

    I love all of you commenters u are so freakin funny man!!!1 lol

  10. @illbetilbake

    So in other words, you’re a sad and pathetic person.

  11. BournsProductions says

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  12. lilbitparanoid says

    I am very attracted to you. Hey, this works!

  13. illbetilbake says

    so in other words you need to put on a show, pretend you are something you are not, only so you can get a woman who is going to spend the rest of her life denying everything you are. does anyone in their right mind find this a worthwhile bargain? i get sex from prostitutes. and as for company, i’d rather talk to a cow than a woman.

  14. WillWriteYourSongs says

    Ok, take winking out. Why wink? Thats creepy no just make sure she sees you looking at her and don’t look away. Let her look away first. Ask her name??!!?! Who here agrees with that? Cuz I sure as hell don’t. Get her name with the her email, not number, email. (email gives you room to think and most women, like 80%, don’t even think twice before giving it to you.) Posture is correct, be a man, not a wussy, its in the shoulders. And honestly, it does not matter what you talk about.

  15. WTF is it wit da Commercials, BULLSHIT.

  16. TheRednoseAPBT says

    Ever seen that millionaire match maker show? You would not believe some of the beautiful 20something year old women that end up dating some 50 or 60something fat, bald guy just because they have money.

  17. Meeeoow kitty.

  18. greekman234 says

    just be badass, they all love it 😉

    ps: being badass isn’t personality, is a way of life, and if some dumb chick declines you, just move to the next just because you’re a badass

  19. 5tonyvvvv says

    foresure… will attract way more women than anything in life even looks.and a funny personality.women will look right past that and judge how your dressed and what kind of car u drive.look at that ugly short guy from housewives of orange county..and his hot ass wife…has nothing to do with money right…LOL

  20. 5tonyvvvv says

    thats how it is out there man the dating world sucks.all women want is money.and rich guys.they dont give anyone one a chance.especialy the hot girls.its like sex is such a big deal to women.i dont just want to get laid but i want to have a girlfriend too.its like where do they get porn stars from..and there just doin it for the money,they wouldnt even say hello to u

  21. thrasher1983 says

    You’re totally right dude. I’ve had many experiences like that. Whenever you act friendly towards them they automatically think that you want some so they turn you down. Most of the times they don’t even give you a chance to work your way up.

  22. kingzach74 says

    If you’re attracted to a girl who’s shorter than you, poke fun at their height, I’ve found it really works. I was close to being married to a girl that I called shorty or midget or I would even just put my hand on top of my head and then when she was looking I would put it at the same height above her head. She never took personally. She actually even asked me out!
    Another word of advice, ALWAYS listen to what girls/women say. If you don’t listen, she will never want to date you.

  23. SilvaSprinter says

    For some odd reason women also find men with money more attractive….Gee I wonder why…

    I know,I know,I’m sure he has a “great” personality.

    I am sure the BMW, jewelry, designer clothes and shoes he bought her has nothing to do with it…LMFAO

    Jessica needs to be more honest…

  24. isaiahfreeman says

    look up mystery if you want to be better at attracting girls….he is awsome

  25. 5tonyvvvv says

    First of all dating sucks, because when you try, you get turned down. You say something nice and they think you are just trying to get in bed with them. They are lonely and you are lonely but they don’t admit it, and have their friends to back up that claim. They don’t seem to realize at that moment in time, that they will soon be by themselves again with their dog or cat again for the next consecutive month.

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