Dating Tips – Does No ALWAYS Mean No?

Dating Tips – When approaching women, I’ve been told that persistence is a good thing. Should I be persistent after receiving the first no? How do I know if I’m being too pushy?


  1. codyh1998 says

    anyone else notice dan’s hair is thinning?

  2. Nope … it’s not Phoebe 🙂

  3. scoutbr00 says

    @missemmalabemma phoebe you mean? i dont think she is very look-alike, well my opinion

  4. megaannnxoox says

    omg she accaully does 🙂

  5. dudesguy77 says

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  6. brokenarrow2222 says

    In the United States – No means No -. Remember, No bitch is worth spending the rest of your life in prison.

  7. LovingThisSite says

    agree, but dont think she is.

  8. nessaaldarion says

    A perfect example of this is Edward Cullen. His generally creepy behavior of following Bella around and watching her while she slept was “romantic” because he’s (apparently) attractive. Now, imagine McLovin’ doing that to you.

    Enough said.

  9. missemmalabemma says

    jennifer looks like febi ( cant spell it) from friends is she? lol

  10. MrBlackmagicman says

    thank you?

  11. robpage1990 says

    Roman Polanski would love this title

  12. mikey7619 says

    If the girl finds him attractive its being percistant… if she finds him to be totally unattractive hes being push,needy,clingy and stalkerish and all the other terms women like you use

  13. alfondnumb says

    that is being too desperate. talk to him/her , go out with groups that get smaller den only 2 of u . when u feel comfortable and confident den confess

  14. HoratioNel says

    Don’t kid yerself baby, “NO” ALWAYS means “NO”!! However, NO does offer two great benefits – you save by only having to buy a Big-Mac for one person and are sure of getting an undisturbed night’s sleep. Now isn’t that something?
    Horatio Nelson

  15. tell him/her you love them

  16. rockmusicmanic says

    How long schould you let her get to know her before you make your move?

  17. defeatdeath says

    suck my balls

  18. Gancia113 says

    well maybe it’s bad advice,
    actully it’s no advice it’s just, being yourself and respectfull to a women, get to know her and let she get to know you before considering for a relationship 🙂 that’s no advise, that’s logic; 🙂
    bad advice is like, hey say this when you go to her: ” did it hurt? when you fell out of heaven”, thats bad advice 🙂

  19. detriplea says

    Dan is like Dr Wilson from House MD

  20. jeweenbboy says

    first get more flirty so he duznt see u as a best friend, then ask him 2 go 2 cinema or sumthing… he’ll get the drift… thats how we europeans do it 😉

  21. skaterking15 says

    who is dumb anough to actually do this ?

    half the time anyone takes advice from others, it doesnt work.

    so best choice would just be to learn and do things by urselfs.

    Confidence Is Golden

  22. jboomy92 says


  23. edgarSmile says

    thats a REALLY good answer dude, if u were a video i wouldve given u 5 stars

  24. krazy16dude says

    Offer a BJ, he can’t say no.

  25. Michi985 says

    I am in love with my best friend. How do I get the guts to tell him?

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