Dating Tip for Valentines Day for Men and Women

How to ask that girl out for valentine’s day or make that guy ask you out.


  1. rvarzidehkar says

    Hey, thanks for your videos. They are pretty helpfull. Would you post a video about teenagers and mabye talking about “the first date in you life”


  2. LeLeFRaiinO says

    I better get my girl away from this guy!

  3. whowantstogetnaked says

    ya if a girl finds you interesting…attractive or both. she will date you anyway. you don’t need a valentine’s hook. But still a good opportunity to use if it’s around that time. Thanks arkady. keep ’em coming.

  4. ettehadesabz88 says

    do u oftenly get a haircut ?

  5. basundra says

    lol, “…or he is a little slow.”

  6. kcosta010010011001 says

    This guy should have a dating advice show.

  7. @kryptonite200sx Then what would your advice be?

  8. TheTipperaryMan says

    You have to train her.
    Reward her with treats when she does what you want.
    Take away her squeaky toy when misbehaves.

  9. Isramirez20 says

    Exactly! Girls want what they can’t have… Treat her like a dog and she’ll ask for a treat, treat her like a queen and she’ll treat you like a servant.

  10. nettoblaster says

    @Arkady…. I thought you said never to say the words “out” or “date” when asking a chick out? :s

  11. demoncrest says

    Agreed as another fellow guy. Guys sometimes need the hint to be blatant in order to get the idea across their minds.

    Some girls try to be so subtle a guy will overlook it so, just help him out a bit lol, if it works out you won’t regret it 🙂


  13. TheTipperaryMan says

    Don’t make a big thing about your first time. She won’t. She probably has a dozen guys a day hitting on her. Your probably number 54 on her list. Why invest in that when there are hundreds of other women available?

  14. TomatoBasil23 says

    from a guys point of view, the advice to the females in this video is 100% on point

  15. kryptonite200sx says

    u give the worst advice

  16. BraulioSeiterTv says

    hahahahaha. “. . . or if he’s really slow”

  17. mihartrobert says


  18. quaidster says

    nice job

  19. Cheers my Man. Timely advice…

  20. zxcvbnmjfjf says

    ” unless hes extremely shy or slow” lmfao btw thanks this will help alot

  21. TABULOUS1 says

    ark rocks

  22. Hey, this was really good! Thanks for the timely advice! Not to mention that it gives me some good ideas…
    *picks up the phone*

  23. 2Lazy2SignUp says

    Good luck to you! I already found the girl on my dreams a few years ago, but I’m curious to know if what he say’s actually works. Let me know how it goes!

  24. SirianKings says

    Just a quick question: if a woman you barely know tells you, “you are smart”; do you think she is just being nice and friendly, or is there more to it?

  25. maxauto44e says

    the master has spoken!

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