Dating several women at the same time & not being an asshole Here are two things you can do to not come across as a liar when you date multiple women at the same time. Dating tips on meeting hot, sexy women, flirting, seduction, pick up lines that work, confidence, rejection, jealousy, cheating, break ups, first date tips, free dating advice from a dating expert, long term romantic relationships, commitment, sex.


  1. manuelcolonsoto says

    keep promoting this arkady39 keep it up.

  2. yea lawl same

  3. takla3210 says

    Shoot… When I clicked this link I thought he was going to give tips on how to date multiple women 🙁

  4. theman10069 says

    Then it may hurt her, so u should probably talk to someone else. just my opinion.

  5. dosdeabril says

    What if you’re comfortable only dating and she wants more…?

  6. mangabakate says

    man..u made more fucked up

  7. TommyVercetti08 says

    holy shit this is the first time i heard you curse

  8. theREDmolecom says

    great info man! your advise are right on! looking forward to your other videos. its really hard to date multiple women and make sure you are respectful.

  9. dothedamnthang2 says

    awesome advice…

  10. ANDREW26101 says

    when a women ask me what am looking for i say am looking for you and smile it works for me they smile back and say really its more playful and i dont come across being needy

  11. goberphat says

    my bf is cheating om me and i started whatching his videos and they made me feel better.

  12. I really like this video cus it’s so true…loook everyone my bf is a cheating, player…bastard and the problem with this is that he is doing exaclty what a player shouldnt do….MAKING HUGE EXPECTATIONS W EACH GIRL!!!!

  13. usuckamydick says

    hey virgin !

  14. salvadorianvago says

    asshole lol

  15. vincent4500 says

    I agree that you need to get alot of dating experience to know what you really want, if you buy the first shoes you see in a shop without trying them all on you may find you’ve chosen the wrong pair and regret it in the shouldnt have any regrets for you..some people are lucky to meet the right person at the right time, otheerwise dating can be more complex and you have to play the ‘game’ so to speak..i was stuck in any unhappy relationship as i wanted to be ‘sincere’, was a mistake.

  16. DukeAlba says

    Right on brotha…

  17. JollyRoger919 says

    I don’t see anything wrong with dating more than one women as long as you don’t make any commitments. Odds are she is probably doing the same thing with other guys anyway. Just say you want to keep it casual for now but never tell her that you are just playing the field because then she will get pissed off and probably think you are using her.

  18. artax2000 says

    yes, it just that I’m likely to follow my intuition…

  19. arkady39 says

    Yes, but sometime the only way to find out what you want and what you enjoy is actually trying. Assuming what you like without actually trying it might be misleading.

  20. artax2000 says

    Yes I understand however I think before becoming “two” we must be “one”…. I mean to know yourself first so you can avoid this error and trials but in other hand we learn about ourself when we are in interaction with others so finally I understand what you say.

  21. Well, sometimes going through trial and error is what actually reveals to you what you want and what you wish to avoid, so it can be a useful and fun process.

  22. artax2000 says

    So people know what kind of food, clothes, colors, movies etc they like but they don’t know what kind of girls they looking for ?
    Thus they date severals women at the same time ? Too bad people don’t know what they want in this area.

  23. artax2000 says

    Absolutly, maybe just confidence could make all this tips natural, everything: attitude, speech, humor, would come naturally.
    But acting confident seems to work just temporarily….for me.

  24. Thanks, B. Appreciate it. I am trying to keep my videos practical and useful so you and many others can related an reflect on their experience. Keep up the good work and keep me posted.

  25. demonknight66698 says

    Whenever I watch one of your videos my mind always wanders off on a tangent of past experiences and it’s a reflection of how true your words ring. Great vid man.

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