Dating & Relationships Advice : Tips on How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Get an ex-boyfriend back by pinpointing the problem with the relationship, fixing the problem, and asking if he is willing to work on things with you. Grow as a person and improve relationships skills with tips from arelationship coach in this free video on dating. Expert: Donna Barnes Contact: Bio: Donna Barnes is a professional life coach, relationship expert, television host, author, columnist and producer, based in New York City. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. Sarhabell says

    i broke up with my boyfriend and i broke up with hom wich was a big mistake bacause i stiil love him and hae stills care about me too

  2. Mariamfromuk says

    Could you please make a video about what do not say to boyfriend? I think my openness had caused the break up.. many thanks in advance

  3. Ismoilov88 says

    Never apologize that make you’r ex to get you under his control, just give him a time and space and be confidante!!!! =)

  4. caitymanganiello says

    BAD advice!

  5. shingmyster says

    shitty advice…

  6. i got my gf back thanks to getloverbacknow.blogspot. com/!! you guys should really check it out!

  7. enchantress1991 says

    I made some mistakes, and grew needy during the first couple of days in May, and wasn’t the same headstrong person he fell in love with, myself. I envy your videos, I hope this can all help, if possible, for us to be together again, after all, we both think it could be possible again.

  8. enchantress1991 says

    Thanks for the advice. On May 2, my boyfriend, Craig, who I was with since February 26, 2010, broke up with me, and yet he still cares for me and we remain as friends, just with a break and little contact for now. I am confused and very devasted still for I’ve never been so devoted in a relationsihp until him from all my relationship experiences, and I’m coming to realize why he broke up with me.

  9. StellaGroh says

    @ilymorethenwords94 o for it! If you love him, he’s worth it! Don’t give up!Good luck. Hope everything turns out well 4 u:)

  10. ilymorethenwords94 says

    @StellaGroh more then anything

  11. StellaGroh says

    @ilymorethenwords94 Well, do YOU love him still?

  12. beasanflo says

    @ilymorethenwords94 has he been with other girl? Ask his buddies he been hangin around. If you dont know his friends start hanging around with them!

  13. lifesentropy says

    Hey, how did trying to get her back go for you?

    My “ex” (cant believe I have one now) broke up with me 3 weeks ago and I’ve written him a letter that I’m going to ship off tomorrow with a tshirt that I made before that says “Top 10 Reasons to Date An -insert his name here-” The last time I’m going to see him is this coming weekend and I just wanted to know if you tried and succeeded. Thanks for the tips!!

  14. ilymorethenwords94 says

    need advice horribly….he just keeps saying that he doesnt know if he loves me or cares about me or thinks im attractive or beautiful anymore…when he just told me the other day he knew that he for sure loved me do you think i should just give him his space and some time without seeing me?(which is hard since we have a class together) or just let it be over?

  15. DJVodkin says

    That would work for me..

    Im just avarage guy, like football and bear and cars… so TRY… And remmember DO NOT GIVE UP! I Woundt do it eather 😛

  16. DJVodkin says

    If he still calls you its a verry verry good sign. Then he still have feelings for you.

    I rly hope it will work out for you. And I hope it will work out for myself aswell… I was a real jerk… and lied to my girlfriend, ignored her… and now she broke up with me.. I realize how much I need her. Allthough she is angry at me and perhaps hate me… I still want to try. Maybee we be together again :D:D

    Have fingers crossed 😉 /cheers

    PS: Crying on a guys shoulders is 100%trick. 😉

  17. Sonita502 says

    @DJVodkin Well he still calls me sometimes but he barely talk to me at school. But sometimes I saw him looking at me and yeah. I know for sure he will not come back with me. I already know him(he’s strict)!. Love is such a humongus deal sometimes to some pplz. Thanks 4 your advices!!!:).

  18. 1.Give him time… like 2-3 weeks, (if there is a big party where he is going DO NOT GO THERE!!! )
    why i said it, becouse he will probably try to hock up some other girls. But he will shortly realize that he dont wants it. He wants you. At that point phase 2 comes.
    2.Then slowly ask him on text or e-mail. Hello, how are you?
    invite him to a neutral place like mall or cafe…. Be ready to be 100% possitive. Just say that you love him… and if u want you can cry… its okey u are a girl.

  19. ilyyyjoejonasx3 says

    i agreeeeee. 100% xD

  20. hahah i am not telling that to a guy !!!..
    to say ‘if hes willing to get back’ …
    fuck him hes the one whos missing out ..

  21. Sonita502 says

    I wish its that simple but its not!. He hates me now because we already break up n I wanna get back. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!. I really love him, I wanna be with him forever.

  22. kendrawhisp says

    lol, yeah if only it was that easy… this is just about the most bullshit advice i’ve ever heard

  23. mrmanmcdantheflying says

    Yeah u ladies have a fun time with that dun know why im here i guess i was just clicking videos but hahahaha that was good.

  24. amberyam says

    Because I overreact and he has now moved on. I’ll try anyway…

  25. NickJonasLover020 says

    Cuz I hadn’t spend enough time with him.

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