Dating Geeks – MBonzo is a regular community contributor, who happens to be writing an eBook full of dating tips for Geeks. Here are his top five (or six!) tips.


  1. NICKGMOAR says

    @MsBrazilianfartporn Why yes i have ;D

  2. evilunixuser1 says

    @MsBrazilianfartporn – lol!

  3. dukex007 says

    hearing to a whole 14 mins of Chris makes me feel I’m a geek….. normal ??

  4. @MsBrazilianfartporn LMAOOOO

  5. erichereatthetube says

    Too Think Flannals Would Come Back 😉

  6. MsBrazilianfartporn says

    have u ever farted on a girls face while eating ice cream???

  7. MrTinksBig says

    thats it im out a her how bigs her tits he showers twice like we need to know that

  8. MrTinksBig says

    Fuck this guys putting me Assleep for fuck sakes hes like Rome Jerome lol that dumbass American sportscaster guy lmao

  9. Jourei91 says

    Theres something fail with the server. Try another mirror or totally different place to downloadd it. Even better, if you find it as an torrent.

  10. scheiSSkind77 says

    Get lost you cheap fuck!

  11. yozillaproductions says

    I’m trying to get my dating video out there. Check it out on my channel!

  12. Werewolf211 says

    You should try downloading with something else instead. That’s it.

  13. franzlilk9 says

    i hacve problem with my firefox..
    when im downloading a game its 900 mb…
    when its 99% my firefox is not responding and my downloaded file turns into internet explorer file whatever you call it but, the file that didnt finish download…
    i have pretty good laptop hp pavillion 2410us…
    im updated to latest firefox …
    i already remove the adds-ons or the plugins for firefox..
    im using roadrunner for my internet…
    i dont know wtf is the problem so PLZ HELP….

  14. webcoder12 says

    hope you like the video response!

  15. GarlandJE says

    this stupid asshole needs to gtfo the internet…seriously!

  16. requena79 says

    drugs are badd mmm kaay.

  17. Crayolalola says

    Excellent vid.

  18. rcnkiller says

    hey chris im a leo also im stoborn as a donkey lol

  19. so cute!

  20. i like juggalo dating tips. they’re pretty good. =P

  21. dfasdasdfa0987654321 says

    this is really interesting

  22. naruto90123 says

    I thought you guys met because Ponzi was an sex phone operating and you said you might have been her best costumer

  23. riveter412 says

    You’re NOT ugly. You’re cute. But good advice about accepting who you are.

  24. hostiliano says

    Nice Video lolz, my names Jessica, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Jessica-lnvmrckdl chat soon 😉

  25. Why should he say he’s ugly? He’s very knowledgeable and well spoken but even that withstanding, I think he looks quite attractive! My tastes don’t follow the norm typically, but I think this guy is very hot. His wife is lucky…

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