Dating Etiquette in the Lesbian Community

Lesbian dating etiquette is quite similar to that of heterosexual rules. With that being said, there are some differences that will arise when dating the same gender, but they are easily overcome with time and experience. If you are finding that you are having a hard time getting dates, or keeping the interest of a lady, there may be some considerations you should make. Determining why you would like to date is important. Whether it be to avoid being lonely, for a sexual relationship, or for a long term commitment, knowing why you are actively seeking a date can help you narrow down your choices. Be sure that your partner understands your intentions by being open and honest. Play head games will get you nowhere in the world of lesbian dating. First dates are often the scariest, but they should not be. When meeting someone for the first time, it is important that you let someone know where you are going and when you will return. This is for your own safety, especially if you met your date on an online lesbian dating website. Conduct the date in a public place, such as dinner in a nice restaurant, or a local coffee shop if you are meeting earlier in the day. If your date is shy and feeling awkward on your first date, it is a sign that you should take the lead. With women couples, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who should be the dominate one. Men generally take this role in a heterosexual relationship, but women may find it too overbearing to “grab the bull by the horns.” Typically, your date will appreciate you being the one to take charge, especially if she doesn’t seem interested in leading the event. It can sometimes be hard to determine whether or not a woman is truly gay, especially when meeting her for the first time. Women that meet through an online lesbian dating service or at a gay bar are typically honest in their sexuality, but not always. Avoid being overbearing as you seek confirmation on her sexual preference. You can simply tell if she has any interest in you by looking into her eyes. Hold your gaze for 5 seconds, then look away. This flirty move will help you in determining if she really is into you, and women in general. Deciding who should pay on a date may be difficult for lesbians that are dating. Typically, whoever asked the other lady on the date should be the one responsible for the bill. An alternative to this predicament is going Dutch, or having each person pay for her own meal. Lesbian dating is not rocket science, as it has the same principles as other sexual orientations. It is essential that you determine exactly what you are looking for, and keep you and your date safe by meeting in public locations. The differences in lesbian dating and other forms is who takes the lead, who should pay, and determining if your date really is into women. All of these exceptions can be determined with some conversation and time.


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