Dating Coach and PUA The Don giving Dating Tips and Advice for Guys

Pickup artist and dating coach The Don of Love Systems explains the basics of meeting and attracting women. If you want to find out more on pickup, dating, and seducing women please visit our website Tags: love systems lovesystems daygame day game mystery method…


  1. HustlerPUA says

    Lol, not bad at all.. LS instructors know their ish.

  2. visionimagify says

    I like Lovesystems better than RSD and Venusian Arts. It’s really easy to learn and go at it. Best system to use if you’re a beginner too.

  3. YamatoXion says

    Lovesystems is the best end of, nobody else is breaking barriers like them and pushing the envelope in such short time.

  4. ilovenick1234567890 says

    what do u think of seduce in seconds?

  5. NONSENSEchannel says

    The girl in the vid is totally attracted by the “don”!!! loool

  6. BigBeltBuckle1 says

    Be a serious clown. Good tip!

  7. lanz8989 says

    great advice “don”. Im going to try this stuff out.

  8. kennythegreatbear says

    very well done

  9. phillfamous says

    the don is a great speaker probably in part from developing tight game… im curious what new products lovesystems has came out with lately

  10. he gave out quite a lot of solid stuff there 😛

  11. whatever87e says

    The US vs UK thing is weird because when Love Systems is in the UK they use UK-based instructors like Mr M, Soul, Sheriff, 5.0, Keychain, Vercetti, and a couple others I can’t remember. This Love Systems Youtube channel has video from lots of those guys.

    I like that Love Systems does that.

  12. YamatoXion says

    Lovesystems is BY FAR the best but they are constantly growing, the only thing I hope doesnt happen is that Everyone starts trying to copy the CANNED parts of game.
    Hopefully they’ll be able to teach everyone how to be good Naturally as they get bigger….not copies of the original instructors.

  13. yancross says

    Love Systems are so succesful beacuse they are come across as people that you relax around and if you wern’t out approaching you would feel comfortable having a beer with them.

    Some other guys in the community are too weird. I had a debate with one of my friends who said that Love Systems doesn’t work as well in the UK as some UK based instructors.

    I disagree with that. This works everywhere.

  14. breathingcurious says

    very well spoken!

  15. very well done. you didn’t alienate them, didn’t use much jargon.
    unlike the mystery interviews on conan

  16. Magicnuggetspua says

    “I don’t know what to say to girls…” haha I like that one.

  17. LSUzealot says

    nicely done

  18. soccer004life says

    WAZ UP

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