Dating: Asian Men and White Women – Equal?

Dating: Asian Men and White Women – Equal?


  1. awww your so lovely. You made me smile. Good luck in finding your perfect lady xx

  2. danadinosaur says

    ahhahahahahaha you’re so adorable the way you smiled made me smile:D haha good luck on finding your other half, she will be one lucky woman:)

  3. alexusa1991 says an asian guy my gf is white…..and its working out pretty well =]

  4. 9musicalamelia98 says

    I love asian guys! ( I’m white) I really want to marry an asian guy and I think that girl was super pretty and good for you getting to take a pic with her! 😉

  5. @mrluv7 Eggs Benedict with Canadian Bacon are also my favorite =)

  6. @chanmenh

    =) Yummy

  7. @mrluv7 I also love my hamburgers medium on the pretzel roll along with some Fresh Baked MATT’S COOKIES…YUM =)

  8. @mrluv7
    I’m just trying to prove a point that Asian men DO NOT have a disadvantage in the dating game.

    its the geeky-dorky-willium hung-looking dudes that are making the rest of us look bad.

    and check out the white girls into these asian fetishes…they’re just as sickly looking as those weird asian men. 99% are mostly white trash or either they come from a fucking farm or some rural area surrounded by trailor homes or corn fields.

    Those white woman with asian fetishes make me SICK

  9. arodspecialist says

    @mrluv7 LOL. Cold. Hey you never know man. He may be packing major RPG. Have a good one. And don’t make fun of my fur coat.

  10. @arodspecialist
    are you fucking kidding me? he looks like William Hung from American Idol

  11. arodspecialist says

    @Shipuh US Deaprtment of Interior states that 300,000+ of us Asian men are marrying non-Asian gals in 2009 so they are out there. In big cicties, this is common. However, that number is 3 times the size as to Asian females marrying non-Asian males. It all depends on where you live.

  12. arodspecialist says

    @mrluv7 A little harsh on the author huh? LOL. The author is cool so lets give him his space. We may or may not agree as it is who we are. To be honest, I would say the author is average (physical appearance-wise) so he has his ways of examining things from his average perspective-sorry. So, are you and I better than him? Maybe, or not, but it wil be hard for him to survive in highly competitive places such as NY, LA, or Vegas. Truthfully, we should skip the BS, looks dominates at first glance

  13. You are the reason why people think Asian guys cannot get dates with white girls…seriously, look how dorky and desparate you sound and look.

    You might as well go find yourself a hooker off the streets and stop shaming asian men

  14. MzGreenEyes89 says

    “When I grow up..” Hahaha cute

    But back in high school, there was a chick whom had an Indonesian father and a white Aussie mother.. she was very pretty too! Much like the girl your talkin bout

  15. sil3ntsushi3 says

    Some people are really stupid it has to do with resisive and dominent jeans … Stouid commentors… Lol good vid I liked it hah I’m half Mexican half azn ( azn mom of course )

  16. In fact
    Oriental boys Most feel
    White woman hairy Easy to aging
    Obesity Bloated Skin Poor
    So Most of the Oriental boys are not interested in

    Oriental girls, they feel better
    Eastern Women’s skin is good More womanly And Family values

  17. poppycoburn says

    You are actually adorable!

  18. HuchangFan says

    i have a white girl her name is Jen:) I want a baby from her but she has to take the birth control pills………… Jesus Christ

  19. dancingsakura91 says

    @syrupticious Not all Asian guys have those features. Check out the guys in Super Junior and DBSK ^_^

  20. PowerRedBull says


    That sounds interesting. However, where did you get this info? …facts?

  21. PowerRedBull says

    The attractiveness of facial features is totally personal. I love the look of asian women (i’m a white man)

  22. bloodaltar2 says

    My dad is Japanese and my mom is Irish. I’m attracted to white women (guess it runs in the family). My last name is very Japanese. I figure, if the white-girl-chasing trend continues through my descendants, then eventually I’ll have a great-great-grandchild with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a Japanese last name.

  23. Well I am a white female and personally I find myself mostly attracted to asian men more than any type of man. I have always been like that ever since I was a child.

  24. I’m a white girl, and I definitely only want an Asian man. Asian men are the most attractive men on the planet to me!! You’ll definitely find someone and make cute interracial babies like you said!! XD

  25. syrupticious says

    @Hudathan smaller eyes, single eylids, high malar bones, flat noses is not as attractive in my opinion.

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