Dating Advice: Is promiscuity a crime? Is dating around as bad as many societies make us believe? Dating tips and relationship advice on flirting, seduction, pick up lines, pickup, eye contact, commitment, jealousy, long-term relationships, cheat, cheating, confidence, self-esteem, fear of rejection, sex, and meeting hot, sexy girls and attractive, beautiful women with cocky funny lines and being confident.


  1. Rooseveltdunn says

    i think i would agree with this video if it wasnt for the fact tht many times someone always gets hurt in the process

  2. cherylwens says

    Is gorging on shit a crime? Typical anglo saxon “morals”. As long as it’s legal, it’s permissible. As long as it’s profitable, it’s moral. Fuck america! The only ones debating over the morality of promiscuity are those without restraint and feel guilty and ashamed of it or at least its consequences. If there’s no morality in promiscuity, this video and others of the same ilk wouldn’t even have been posted.

  3. jeremytube2007 says

    I don’t agree. I have decided to not have sex until I’m married. Thank God I’m a Christian – the best way to be! Sex before marriage damages many of the facets of marriage, like trust and loyalty. If I sleep with her before marriage, why wouldn’t I sleep with someone else after marriage? Waiting to have sex in the marriage only is also a sign of self control and discipline.

  4. SteveBale1 says


  5. it is not immoral as long as there is consent between both (or more) people, the problem is that you are classifying it as immoral based on your own prejudices, but that’s YOUR problem 🙂

  6. yozillaproductions says

    Good stuff. I’ve got a dating video on my channel. Feel free to utilize it for any dating advice you might give.

  7. Thank you 😉
    I employ spellcheck as much as I can 😉
    Besides, my counsel does not come free of charge so I understand if you can’t continue with the self-esteem building therapy.

  8. orkishiswithk says

    i see i wasn’t quite clear in the post you were replying to.

    all this independence thing is itself also a social norm.
    independent people are not more right or better than people who only quote stereotypes all their life.
    if i find such people boring, it is not their problem but mine.

    a: do you have goals in life you can relate to? are you happy?
    b: yes.
    a: do you want me to show you a different way of looking at things?
    b: no.

    btw lol @ your efforts with spelling.

  9. @Orkykinstinky< I meant *that not tat 😉

  10. How about therapy like “if you get your sense of self-worth from how others view you, you are in essence making yourself a prisoner of their ever-wavering emotions, feelings, and cognition.”
    Orkikystinkwankster, just because ‘it has always been done this way” tradition does not mean that “it should forever be done in tat tradition just for the sake of tradition.” Or does it in Estonia?

  11. orkishiswithk says

    i can imagine therapy like: ‘think independently and buy our furniture!’

    if the majority of people want to live in the dream world that they call ‘social norms’ and deny everything that contradicts it, is it good or bad?
    if it is, then from what point of view?

  12. Then the remaining 29 people should go seek therapy and get their self-esteem up 😀

  13. orkishiswithk says

    lol, that seems to be about 1/30 of people.
    for most people it seems too arrogant to even try to think independently with their own heads, ever.

  14. Did you know that condoms exist? And they almost completely prevent the spread of such disease? Of course they are not written about in the Bible, so you may not know about them.

  15. I knew that there would be a comment like this in here… why, whenever anybody mentions sex outside of marriage, somebody has to write that they will AUTOMATICALLY get aids? This is just stupid. Aids is not a punishment by God for making moral mistakes. Condoms do exist, you know…

  16. yeahyeah1821 says


  17. He is right in what he says…however, women wont hear the final part. The part about lying. They will deceive, in order to protect themselves.

  18. That may be so, but if the woman is confident, independent, self-sufficient (financially secure etc…), who gives a fuck what members in society think? Life is to damn short to have your feelings hurt by some douche bag who calls you names. Honesty is seriously the best policy and if a guy can’t handle it, open invitations to interview a replacement for your rotation!

  19. Kind of true but as the times are changing for today it is also changing for women too. Its more acceptable for a women to be wild and dating different men than it was 20 30 years ago. But yes some of the moral values are still at present for today’s women but kind of changing at the same time because women are more independant today esp. in America.

  20. when a guy ‘dates around’ he is ‘young’ ~ sowing his wild oats or ‘player’.

    women better keep such aspirations or experiences to themselves unless they want to be labelled ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘broad’, ‘loose’

    it takes 2 to tango but it is still a patriarchal society where moral values are stricter on women…men r allowed more liberties while women in order to be ‘quality women’ should be chaste.

    each to their own

    dont hurt anyone/ decieve/ cheat
    also no need to lie abt your past.

  21. finally done w/ my homework ne1 4 chat?

  22. Well if a girl wants to go around having sex like a horny bunny rabbit good for them but when they get aids and their hair falls out they have nobody to blame but themselves

  23. nataliat747 says

    it may not be a crime but it is immoral. not to mention aids and hiv and all those sexaully transmitted diseases promiscuous guys like you may get and transmit.

  24. Can you do a subject on men and commitment? Why men have a hard time dealing with marriage? And how much space do you give a guy who is trying to figure things out and will get back to you.

  25. Just go out is right! Online dating seems wierd and creepy to me. Bars or lounges are fun.. Especially if you have a after work happy hour.

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