10 ways to know he is not into you! Sooo move on girl!!


  1. brokenbb1980 says

    whats the song in the beginning of all your videos??

  2. MisssLadyRose says

    your so beautiful && ur so rite with everythin you said”

  3. k1e2s3h4a5 says

    wow you just poped my bubble

  4. master100ty says

    thanks tha remind me of my exgirl firend

  5. Bootiful82 says

    whats that song called ?

  6. tiantianlovezaizai says

    Geeeezzz…i understand everything you say,but i just can’t let it go…I freaking hate myself now!!!!

  7. RedHotLadie10 says

    good advice

  8. 2carebear81 says

    iam going thru da same thing! with this guy

  9. OfficiallyMOB says

    I never wanna hang out with a girls friends cause as i guy i feel all a girls friends are hatters especially if that aint got boyfriends. I dont like meeting there parents cause its the same song. The mom will like me til we have the first argument and i wanna hit there dad in the mouth just from the way he look at me or avoided i contact. the rest i basically do do when i like em. Mans perspective

  10. lmao at that last line!
    your awesome! ^_^

  11. lovepink358 says

    whats the song at the beginning?

  12. MissKona2009 says

    kool video

  13. women are so stupid

  14. AiRiLovee says

    he shared some of his past.. a good amount but not alot he didn’t say his interests.
    And I was always texting and calling.. and alot of the times he wouldn’t text me back or if he did it was just like “k” Or one word things.. and I never got that..
    he never took me out, never sent me anything to show he was interested.. But whenevr he saw me he would say he likes me.

    >:| Gets on my nerves.

  15. AiRiLovee says

    Like the guy I liked (ended things) Would call me only when he wanted to hang out.. and he only wanted to come over my house and make-out.. although he wanted more.

  16. strangerpillow says

    “freaken come on people ” freaken amazing woman , freaken lol

  17. PrinceLilSky says

    u should do a vid bout “how to know if a girl likes u” or somthin like that

  18. ladyhypnotic100 says

    i was thinking the same thing! and in this vid she reminds me of christina millian

  19. Brownbellaj86 says

    Loves it!!!

  20. KeenaButtaH says

    a good, decent and honest [wo]man wouldn’t play games. all it boils down to is communication. if there is none, everything is lost in translation

  21. KeenaButtaH says

    this was wonderful. thank you

  22. SkinnyGirl125 says

    OMG! You speak the truth! I can see by your reactions that this topic is really dear to you. You should do more videos like this, thanks a million.

  23. nuriacuti says

    jamie foxx-slow is the song in the beginning

  24. IntenseObservation says

    this is so confusing. Woman like to play hard to get as if they are not interested and yet you make it seem as if the only way a guy can let a girl know if a guy likes you by showing it. Yet when a guy does that you woman over exadurate and say its too much blah blah blah. Guys do the things you say to get respect, not because they are not interested. If a guy is not interested, most of the time they are upfront about it unlike most woman in america.

  25. even as a hetero girl, i can see that you are so damn hot and beautiful!

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