Dating Advice for Women #1: Flirting Tips You Need Now

lovein90days.comDating advice expert, Dr. Diana Kirschner, assisted by blogger pup, Madison, teaches you simple yet powerful flirting tips designed to help you attract and date great men! Each dating advice webisode gives you three different flirting tips based on Dr. Diana’s bestselling new dating book, Love in 90 Days. For a free dating advice course go to http and sign up in the Love Etips box. You will get 11 free dating tip lessons that help you feel more confident and ready for flirting and attracting the men you really want!


  1. SniperScopic says

    Omfg that is funny as hell lmao, I got the funniest visual in my head of you giving a guy dog treats lol

  2. Rachey827 says

    @xprincessx84 lol!

  3. cheezmepleez says

    look at her face at 0:54

  4. Eunnette says

    That dog should have it’s own show.

  5. a nut lady!!!

  6. amharjew1 says

    @xprincessx84 the dog is being natural and true to itself but his human being has to be unreal and unatural to get a man. shame women are just commercialised,media whooped, brainwashed selfish psycopaths and the only good woman is the one that wants you..period.

  7. crushedtoes says

    the not so hotties. lololololololol.

  8. LickTheRainboww says

    your wearing the same shirt in almost every video… :/

  9. bognman420 says

    you are a crack pot lady

  10. Misterdave5555 says

    omg i love this dog

  11. coleluv365 says

    ohmygosh! im going to try this! 😀

  12. ktk72593 says

    why are you demonstrating on a dog? it makes me feel like your implying that men are dogs which is totally sexist. The dogs saying “Get me the fuck outta here”

  13. CassandraOXOXO says

    your dog? really? lol

  14. moviefreak91 says

    But if I flirt with the not-so-hotties, it won’t be genuine, or fun!

  15. mizzlovelygirl says

    omg that happens to me i like sit like 2 seats away form this guy i like like and then hes always looking back at me then i look over and see him look then he turns and like 1 minute later hes looking back then like when i sat next to him he like grabs my hand or tries or always teases me

  16. bigihigiwaga says

    This just cracks me up – but you know what? These tips work. I just naturally do these things and I have had to learn to be very careful because I will unintentionally give men the wrong idea.

  17. @kissymelissa o-o…Girls believe in a friend zones? lol…i rlly tough it was only a guy superstition..:P….

    What guys dont like when girls act nice to them?since when?xD

  18. kdawnthompson says

    lol, the dog acts liek a hooman

  19. camofood9 says

    Practice on the not so hotties. HAHAHA that suckss!

  20. AmeliaKC173 says

    men are dogs

  21. afterapplepicking says

    Why are you flirting with a dog?

  22. hahaha i love the comments

  23. IamCutebunny says

    greenies!!!! that’s the food of my doggy too!!!!

  24. IamCutebunny says

    the only thing i regret is the…dog. even though some guys are quite similar…XDXD

  25. rachelleg14 says

    dog is wearing an awesome tie. officially the coolest dog ever.

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