Dating Advice For Men: Create A High Impact First Impression

Watch Dr. A. Georges Sabongui from as he reveals how men can create a High Impact First Impression.


  1. datingwomensex says

    I see what you are saying and got the point. Good job.

  2. datingwomensex says

    Make some more good videos

  3. cockyandfunny says

    Great video Doc. Continue posting more of them. They’re so useful and insightful.

  4. matshroom says

    i agree… but not sure id dress like him…

  5. fiendin281 says

    This is very good!

  6. buzzingbee25 says

    i love the way you showed how guys look at girls lmao.*raised eyebrow,mouth wide open* haha

  7. NewDatingLife says

    First Impressions are the basic foundation of social skills. Dress well, speak loudly and clearly and project an air of confidence. Basic Sales.

  8. Jazzper79 says

    Excellent video. Good advice.

    Jesper, Denmark

  9. WiggidyWhackable says

    what do you do if you’re ass ugly like me?

  10. wow, thats pretty good stuff!!!

  11. nice video good advice.

  12. PrEtTy10ALLY says

    i like this vid!! it goes into more of the psychology….its making me want to really take psych as a major! Thank you

  13. PrEtTy10ALLY says

    as a woman, seeing a guys pic…a lot of times yes…

  14. ultimate8pac says

    thid guy real good

  15. solskjore says

    The biggest mistake a man makes about woman is he cares too much

  16. J2thaPizzle4Shizzle says

    This guy’s quite good. Also worth checking out is Dating advice with Renaldo.

  17. metalhaze1982 says

    women are more judgemental than men and Dr sabounji shows us how to avoid that trap of being slotted in a negative category

  18. brandonmangan says

    he’s speakin the truth. it’s simple once you get a hold, it becomes habit.

  19. edgarg2007 says


  20. From a woman’s perspective…oh so true!

  21. Then it might be your body language and not what you’re expressing verbally.

  22. Natashaaaaaaaa says

    Christian Carter is a profit squeezer

  23. lebronjames816 says

    dam hes good

  24. royalsteven says

    This is a great explanation of the human mind. The first impression is made with one look. Nowadays with internet it’s even easier to judge someone instantly. But can you judge someone by a pic? No.

  25. truelifeskills says

    There seems to be a Youtube bug which is affecting many browsers… Try to reload or try again later. We were able to see the video once in a while….

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