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  1. EdgeKeeper says

    what is the name of the song in the begining?
    pm me with the name

  2. AdrianEaston says

    sounds like these girls want free crap 😉

  3. TalonIIV says

    going Dutch is for the Dutch

  4. AJsfree2toke says

    Well how about you guys think about something…So in the other vid you say that you can tell her to go hang out, and you can invite her friends..This weekend we are gunna go to the movies with one of her friends, i cant fukin pay for all 3 of them and there do i handle it…

  5. Denominator9411 says

    my girl hates it wen i pay

  6. skatininhawaii says

    she told me she hates it wen i pay for her

  7. yohobonewtonman077 says

    kk yo first up my girlfriend just likes to hang with me wereever and deosnt expect me to buy her anything pluse if i did she probley tell she will pay for her self ???????

  8. In Holland going Dutch is the most common thing. Lucky me 🙂

  9. crazynick0607 says

    My girlfreind always wants to pay for herself what should I do

  10. bobertgreat says

    so wut girls eat are cash away heck no lets make it fair

  11. TheVidzor says

    i thought women liked being fair, i thought they wanted to be treated like men, well, then spliting would be fair 😉

  12. im hot

  13. thanx cuz this we kissed!

  14. lucasrican says

    thanks for the notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @BlankeyTeddy extra thank you!

  16. DamnTheGoose says

    hahaha … shiiiiitt!! I will only pay if the girl is cool. Even then .. if the girl is cool, she would be glad to go dutch. Rest of dem ho’s … just hit it and quit it. hahahaha

  17. aaronmdutton says

    girls want equal pay and for guys to pay for the date . . . . im just saying the whole idea of a relationship is to do things together

  18. BlankeyTeddy says

    @ntantis M.I.A. – Paper Planes

  19. whats the song in the start??

  20. R1S9S9R1 says

    LOL @ “Going Dutch” @ 0:55

    I’m a non-Dutch person who lives in the Netherlands for the moment, and the phrase is so true! hahaha

  21. areuter727 says

    So we agree…women are the cheapest creatures on Earth?

  22. wrestlemaniac202 says

    Muscle cars and motorcycles aren’t stupid and I spend more money playing paintball the on a date cuz when playing paintball I’m putting the money for a purpose and get good use for it but if I spend it on a girl I don’t get a lot in return

  23. hachiluv says

    probly personal failure!?! is my guess

  24. darkfilmzproductions says

    ummm ….. do you post these videos because of personal failure??? or what. just asking.

  25. hachiluv says

    thats the way it is huh? well its not 1950 no more and everything is EQUAL. First date is fine but after that BOTh can pay equally! I didnt hear 1 thing from u both about girls paying? wtf …. AND u totally Contradicted ur self “old fashion then u say ur feminist”? so ur all about MODERN DAY equality but have OLD SCHOOL views about guys doin it all 4 u?!? wow u really need to wake up! and the whole thing about us gettin Blow Jobs, shit u need our dicks 4 sex so what point are u trying to make?

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