Dating Advice Boot Camp Day 2: Love in 90 Days

Welcome to Relationship expert, Dr. Diana Kirschner’s Dating Advice Boot Camp. It’s training Day 2 for a group of six single women who are learning how to date men and find true love in 90 days. Can it be done? This award-winning 7-webisode series includes dating advice videos on overcoming shyness, becoming more confident, flirting tips & attracting men. Meet Nicole, who falls for unavailable men; Shanice, who is shy; Alison, who dates narcissists; Lauren, who chooses pr**cks; Krista, who dates losers; and, Celeste, who thinks that no guy is good enough. Dr. Diana, their zany drill sergeant coach, guides the women through funny confidence-building marches where the women sound off about their dating problems, shyness fear factor drills with strangers in the park, and the poignant sharing of their own loveless eulogies. For your free dating advice course go to http and sign up in the Love Etips box. You will get 11 free dating tip boot camp lessons that help you feel more confident and ready to date the men you really want.


  1. AccessorizeAlways says

    BTW, that one girl is not shy, she has social anxiety, BIG DIFFERENCE.

  2. AccessorizeAlways says

    My ? is this, how do these women know for sure that the men are the whole problem? Do they think they have no problems or flaws? Because i’m not buying that all of them are innocent. I’m sure at least one or two of them played a part in causing problems in the relationship.

  3. Thearabiannightstore says

    Mee have plenty nicey wifeys, three maybe four, keep mee plenty happy.

  4. cuddlebuttons says

    diana can you plaese fix the sound quality on these videos? it is barely audible on my computer. the ones sound fine but for some reason i can’t hear this series. LOVE YOUR WORK! BIG FAN!

  5. charliied669 says

    this is so kool

  6. fireguy1919 says

    what is a firl?

  7. 0AnnaMartins says

    pretty cool^^

  8. OOoJAZLYNoOO says

    very much

  9. dymonddozen says

    o thats terrible. that happens to me except im a firl and it happens when i start crushin on a guy.

  10. mustangirl1717 says

    this is coool

  11. This is so great, I am sure it will amuse a lot of people and also help them..

  12. parrishgrady says

    Loved it thanks for the invite. You are so much fun. Scary to do the drills but so right about it. Keep up the good work. I will be here often I am sure my buds will love it too. I am sure I have my issues too but not sure yet if I seen them here yet. Hee Hee. Maybe a little of all of them, not sure yet of maybe a different one all together. I heard myself in the introductions, though. Opps! better not let anyone know LMAO!

  13. youbananabuoy says

    1:20 . . . I experience this all the time, when ever I might like a girl I find that I like her much more than she likes me! And I’m tired of being the one who isn’t worth it 🙁

    Even with my so called “friends”. It’s was always me who initiated everything, and then I just gave up. . too time consuming and it didn’t amount to anything . . . now the only people I know are my parents and a few school friends who I only see my classes (you know, those someones to sit next to). . and that’s all.

  14. hugandkissme33 says

    I like these webepisodes

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