Counting on Free Dating Service to Escape My Loneliness

I must admit that Iâ??m from a time when the internet didnâ??t even exist. Back in my day, we met women the good old fashioned way. Ah I remember one time I took Hazel Louis out to dinner, we had a great time, we went to the drive in afterwards and I managed my first kiss. But things are pretty different these days. Free dating services have changed the dating scenario of the era. You canâ??t just ask a girl to dance and then go from there, it seems like in todayâ??s world they want material possessions, if you arenâ??t rich, they arenâ??t interested, itâ??s a real shame it is. You may say Iâ??m an old fart and I shouldnâ??t even consider free dating services. My grandson Marcus has been using this online dating lately and I figured, heck, my wife has been gone for 10 years, why should I have to suffer loneliness anymore. Iâ??ve never really used a computer before except to write out my daily blog â??grandpaâ??s diaryâ?. I asked Marcus to help me get going with the free dating services; we got onto this online dating site pretty quickly. He told me that using free dating services is the fastest and simplest way to find someone interesting. I took his advice, heâ??s a smart kid, Iâ??m really proud of him. Well, while I was free dating services 3 days ago I met this beautiful woman named Anne, she is a few years younger than myself, but age doesnâ??t really matter, I asked her if sheâ??d like to come for dinner sometime, she thought weâ??d best get to know each other before we did that, good plan, I already have enough children! So Anne and I will keep on trying the same free dating service, and when the time is right we will take our online dating relationship to the next level and maybe go out for that dinner. I am very excited for this, itâ??s a totally new concept to me and Iâ??m really looking forward to just getting back into the dating community. I used to be quite the fox, well, so Iâ??m told. I hope Anne likes ballroom dancingâ?¦ Iâ??m certainly good at that, I used to be able to dance up a storm.

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