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Site of the weekend

Quick Dinner Recipes

Quick Dinner Recipes

Quick dinner recipes

nigella express

Nigella Express

nigella lawson nudeAs you would imagine, quick dinner recipes looks like Nigella Express. Yet presented by a European chef (The Skinny Cook) living in Asia or traveling around the world. Quite interesting how a European takes on a typical Indian recipe in How to make curry chicken.

The blog is nicely monetized as the review me button shows 60$ per review.

In stead of just going for the "global" communities, The Skinny Cook joined a community for food lovers. We recommend you follow the example: look for a "niche" community where you find on the spot people with the same interest, therefore they will visit your blog much easier than the "passing by" visitors from the big communities.

Coffee, chocolates, travels and famous chefs

The Skinny Cook travels from here to there and gathers recipes on the way. I love the Thai food recipe and Pork Rib Recipes 🙂

nigella lawson breastFamous Chefs like Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver recipes can be found as well.

It seems that this Belgian chef knows all about making Belgian Chocolate Truffles.

The common "meal" on all his voyages seems to be a drink made out of Gourmet Coffee Beans and to balance it of with a more healthy drink, you can find lots of delicious Fruit Smoothie Recipes .

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