Complete Aubade sexy lingerie calendar 2008 download free

lingerieWhat better to find under the Christmas tree than sexy lingerie? A pair of woolen socks and diamonds to start with!

Meanwhile French lingerie expert Aubade has come out with its ever so sexy lingerie Calendar 2008, which you can download entirely here and whilst you are waiting for your download, you can have already a sneak-peak of what lingerie you could see in 2008 (on somebodies calendar or desktop wallpaper that is ­čÖé )

Sexy lingerie

sexy lingerie

Sexy Lingerie February 2008

Coton Lingerie Qualities

Elastic, supple, absorbs warmth and humidity. Soft, pleasant handling, comfortable.

Plus size lingerie

plus size lingerie

Plus size lingerie December 2008

Coton Lingerie Care
No restrictions, withstands high temperatures and can be machine washed.
Washing shrinkage between 3 and 5%. Creases therefore requires ironing.

Lingerie Models

lingerie models

Lingerie Models November 2008

Why don’t I have the body nor the guts to become a lingerie model, should solve the PageRank problem…

Transparent lingerie

transparent lingerie

Transparent lingerie September 2008
Silk Lingerie Qualities
Extreme softness Shine.
Produces fabrics with incomparable beauty and hang. Thermo protective.

Hot Lingerie

hot lingerie

Hot Lingerie October 2008
Silk Lingerie Care
Gentle in order to preserve its qualities. Handwash in cool water : use mild soap powders. Sensitive to heat (therefore colourfast problems) and rough treatment. Wash colour separately. Prints : dry flat. Do not soak. Creases

Lingerie for teenagers

lingerie for teenagers

Lingerie for Teenagers August 2008

Rayon, Viscose, Modal lingerie Qualities
Softness, shine.
They produce supple and fluid fabrics.

Hot see thru lingerie

hot see thru lingery

Hot see thru lingerie July 2008

Rayon, Viscose, Modal lingerie Care
Wash at a low temperature, preferably by hand.
Washing shrinkage between 4 and 7%.
Use mild soap powders. Creases easily.
Cool Iron.

Erotic lingerie

erotic lingerie

Erotic lingerie June 2008

Tactel®, Lycra®, Dacron, Polyesters, Polyamides, Elasthane lingerie Qualities
Stable. Consistent quality.
Very easy care. In blends, they add strength.

Trashy Lingerie

trashy lingerie

Trashy Lingerie April 2008

Tactel®, Lycra®, Dacron, Polyesters, Polyamides, Elasthane lingerie Care
Machine washable at medium temperature.
Do not crease easily, no ironing.
Cannot withstand hot irons (they melt and that’s how they become trashy lingerie!).

Risque Lingerie

risque lingerie

Risque Lingerie May 2008

Wool Lingerie Qualities
Warm, soft, spongy, ┬źmaterial┬╗ effect. Fragile. Ideal for winter!

Sheer Lingerie

sheer lingerie

Sheer Lingerie March 2008

Wool Lingerie Care
Sensitive to heat, cannot be machine washed. Dry flat. Use mild soap powders.

Sexy Lingerie

sexy lingerie

Sexy Lingerie February 2008

General lingerie tips:
Do not bleach.
Use mild wash powders (without ┬źperborate┬╗).
If machine washed, place lingerie in sachets.
Do not ┬źsoak┬╗ prints or colours.
Do not tumble dry or iron (they melt !).

Exotic lingerie

exotic lingerie

Exotic lingerie January 2008

More lingerie pictures

Aubade lingerie also published their new diary with pictures from Michel Perez called: Les secrets de l’alc├┤ve…

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