College dating tips please anything you got?

freshmen on campus freshmen “dry” hall engineering major never had a gf in high school
if any of that helps (if your a college student please say that but any one answer really)


  1. music_literature_freak says

    Girls really like it if you take the first step. I know that puts a lot of pressure on the guys, but it’s true. Don’t try to be anything that you’re not, because that almost never works out in terms of relationships. Just go up to a girl you’re interested in and talk with her. Make small talk. Ask for her number if you realize you’re interested. Call her later that day and ask her if she’s free — girls don’t like to wait for a guy to call a week after they meet you. If anything, I’m sure you can impress them with your smarts, and try to meet someone a similar intellectual level as you, because then if you want to talk about certain things, it won’t be so hard to do.

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