Clickbank Formula improved: Instant PayPal payout + Know your affiliate’s sales conversion

Clickbank Formula improved: Instant PayPal payout + Know your affiliate’s sales conversion

clickbank formulaThe new affiliate market place click2sell does everything the old-fashion Clickbank formula is missing:

  • instant PayPal payments
  • info which affiliate get clicked on your website
  • info how many of those clicks really convert into a sale on the affiliate website!!!

If you sign up now FREE and contact me, I will help you out further for FREE of course how to make money using click2sell.

Old ClickBank Formula

Do you know which affiliate to choose at Clickbank?

Do you focus on gravity, referral or do you choose the biggest pay out (we will show you in a second why that is not always the smartest choice…) or….

Right: if there was a proven formula, I would tell it to you on the spot, right here, right now.

Well, I can tell you on the spot which affiliate to choose at the click2sell marketplace.

Improved Clickbank Formula

This "how much visitors do buy something on the affiliate site" information you don’t get anywhere else but at click2sell.

It’s most valuable information because:

it tells you whether the traffic you send to an affiliate site really is worth your effort.

Finally you know in advance what will happen with those visitors you send over to your affiliate.

Let’s illustrate with an example: read further below or go to the click2sell marketplace and check out the Conversion% column:


The higher the conversion number, the more sales you will make with that affiliate

How to find affiliates that know how to sell


If you never sold affiliate products and had to choose between 2 books earning you about $10 each, which one do you choose?

What do you think sells best? Sex sells right?


Use the Conversion % given by click2sell

  • if you send 100 visitors to the Revolutionary Sex E-book, you will sell only 1 book (0.99%) and earn $9.99
  • if you send 100 visitors to The G-Code, you will sell 8 books (8.4%) and earn $9.98×8= $79.84

So which book are you going to promote now if your site promotes books? The G-Code of course!

Strategy to successfully selling affiliate products:

Of course you need to sell a product that fits into your website, so you need to:


  • browse the click2sell marketplace categories that apply to the topics on your website and
  • look for the highest conversion%

If your website is like mine and you want to sell products to make money online: there are more than 100 results to choose from.

Let’s do the easy exercise:

Suppose this was the Clickbank formula so all you know is this:

What did you choose?

I would have gone for Naughty Niches for Hot Profit because I love niche marketing myself and it gives a whopping 128.05$. So I would have started promoting only to find out that months later… still nobody bought my Naughty Niches for Hot Profit

Now make your choice using click2sell Conversion information:

What do you choose now?

Right: Easy Cash Writing!

Doing the maths:

  • I need to send 10.000 people to Naughty Niches for Hot Profit before getting 1 sale and earning 128.05$.
    In other words: I need to waste 9999 click-throughs before making my first sale… When was the last time you referred 9999 people to any site for zero dollars?
  • I need to send 73 people to Easy Cash Writing before getting 1 sale and earning 27.75$

Or said differently: for the same amount of 10.000 people sent to Easy Cash Writing I would earn 3801.37$ or 30 times more than selling the "high earning" Naughty Niches for Hot Profit.

With ClickBank, the only complicated and time consuming way to know the conversion% of your affiliate was:

  • start promoting the affiliate
  • install a tool that tells you how many of your visitors clicked on your affiliate link
  • wait days or weeks to get at least 10 sales
  • then do the maths: divide amount of visitors sent by 10
  • start all over again until you find a well converting affiliate…

Way to complicated, time and ad-space consuming…

All this is given to you IN ADVANCE by click2sell FREE

That’s why I recommend using click2sell over Clickbank: the conversion % tells you what to expect when you sent visitors to your affiliate.


rule of thumbRule of thumb in affiliate marketing:

any conversion rate above 1% is ok,
any conversion above 10% is a goldmine!

Advantages using Click2Sell over Clickbank

  • click2sell has instant PayPal payment (with Clickbank you need to do 6 sales, wait 2 weeks for the cheque to be send, wait until the postman brings your cheque, queue at the bank and wait until your cheque is cleared… I think you get the idea…)
  • click2sell only asks 1-3 USD per transaction, Clickbank cuts 1 USD + a whopping 7.5% out of your profit
  • click2sell has FREE user guides to get you started immediately, Clickbank is difficult to use which explains why products like a Clickbank Profit Toolkit can make money and exist in the first place…
  • click2sell subscription is FREE, if you want to sell something on Clickbank, you need to pay first
  • clik2sell offers 30% residual income for life, Clickbank I suppose also has a referral program, but I was never able to find it (go figure how user unfriendly Clickbank is or how visual impaired I am 🙂 )

Challenge for Click2sell

Being new Click2sell is offering less than 1000 products so far. But as you saw above; they did their homework and are doing everything right what ClickBank is doing wrong. So it’s just a matter of time that the amount of products to promote get bigger.

I had a look for products for my Learn French website and Click2Sell offers 4 innovating French courses (Clickbank only 1).

Being new is also an advantage for you! As with any new site: the potential for being a top referral is huge. You just have to start as soon as possible before everybody jumps on the bandwagon: your bandwagon that is!

The more people you refer to this new site, the more referral money is in for you, so you know what to do: sign up for free and start getting referrals 🙂

And just admit: if there is a product out there called Clickbank Profit Toolkit, then there is something wrong with the ClickBank formula. That’s what Click2Sell is doing right!

Still not convinced? Then convince yourself and click here to sign up FREE.


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