Clickbank Formula made easy

clickbank formulaPlease read our first post about the ClickBank Formula to make even better sales using affiliates at the new affiliate market place click2sell.

In this post we will tell you what are the steps to make a sale and where YOU and click2sell fit in.

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How do you make an affiliate sale?

Before you say "dough: when I get the money", …
have a look at the picture below:

there are 4 players in an affiliate sale
and only 1 of them is you!

clickbank formula

  1. Potential buyers
  2. Your Blog
  3. The sales page of your affiliate
  4. The actual product

What is in your control

You are only in control of what is on your blog. As simple as that.

What do you need to do?

Suppose you were selling eggs on the market, then all you have to do is shout to the buyers that walk buy and you make the sale.

Now in affiliate marketing always remember that the sales-page makes the sale!

Look at the picture above: all you can do is:

getting visitors to your website and
lead them to the sales-pages.


The importance of the sales page

Yes, you get the picture: your earnings stand or drop at the power of the sales page.

A good sales page sells!

A bad page is just wasting your visitors and your time, money and effort.

How do you know if a sales page sells?

You find out the hard way with trial and error if you are using ClickBank
or you use the new affiliate market place click2sell and use their free reports!

The number you need to focus on is Conversion%: the higher the better.


If you browse through the market place look at the Conv%:

12.26% means that:

for every 100 visitors that arrive on that sales-page, 12 do buy!

rule of thumbJust know that in affiliate marketing :

any conversion rate above 1% is ok,
any conversion above 10% is a goldmine!

Don’t be fooled by numbers

Numbers are just that, numbers. They help you making a better decision in choosing your affiliate.

But: the 12,26conv.% product above is about Goalkeepers… So if your site is about chocolate, most likely you won’t be attracting the crowd that’s interested in goalkeepers.

To say it differently: if you sell shoes, attract people that want shoes.

So reverse logic: if you blog about shoes or fashion in general, look for a shoe affiliate and only then look at the conversion% of their sales-page.

Because: the best sales-page online becomes the best salesperson translated in offline terminology.

Clickbank Formula : Don’t be fooled by numbers

Yes I repeat! Always evaluate the numbers.

Because 12.26 conversion% is 12 times higher than a normal "good" affiliate conversion. So what’s happening here?

The click2sell affiliate market place is new. So maybe the first days there were so little products that everybody started promoting that product.

The 12.26 Conversion % from the above picture was seen at Alvin’s blog April 22. The next day when I had a look in my first ClickBank Formula post, it was at 8.40% and today, well… why don’t you have a look yourself 🙂

Clickbank Formula summarized

  1. Write a blog with good informative content
  2. Attract visitors to your content (free SEO, free Internet Marketing or buy Alvin’s Atomic Blogging strategy which will tell you how to set up a WordPress Blog, which Plugins to use and how to attract more visitors in the Web 2.0)
  3. Send visitors to an affiliate. Which affiliate? The affiliate that :
    1. fits your blogs topic and
    2. has the highest conversion rate in the click2sell affiliate market place

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