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Do you love your parents?

Do you love to help people out?

Do you love your own money?

Do you believe in eternal love?

Do you have 5 seconds and 1 click to share?



Then click to help this lovely-dovely couple
celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary
in style.

Each click you give them each day brings them closer to a $500 prize, which they will spend for their first honeymoon in 40 years…!

So click here and share your love to this lovely couple!

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  1. I take back everything I said about you Linky – you’re lovely. I don’t think it’ll work though and …………. I’VE STILL GOT MY HAIR …… although the teeth are causing problems at the moment.

    XXX [not smileys – kisses]

  2. @DaddyP

    Pls leave a comment once you see some new fuelers 🙂

  3. Suuuuure, Linky.. except that daddy has already told us long before you came into this contest, that he plans to use the money if he wins to…


    buy t-shirts to sell.

    He did. He posted that some time ago, when he was still beating me. Now that I’m ahead, suddenly he’s old and a pensioner, he needs a honeymoon, he can barely walk… lol.

    You are sweet and lovely Linky, to fall for that.

  4. @fracas

    I am way to good for this world …

    Not to worry: we will stick together!

    If DaddyP gets too close for comfort, me will make some buzz for you too, not that difficult to multiply my 500 readers into 5000 for a good cause 😉

    Euhm, all for a mere 10% 🙂 (that’s 1 sleeve I guess…)

  5. Are you two just toying with me? I quite like it really.

  6. I’ve just looked at the stats and there is only one person I don’t know and I think she came from FMB anyway.
    People aren’t going to bother to register with FMB [more fools them] just in response to your very kind effort.
    There’s still time I suppose ……….. mind you with what you said to the Fracas perhaps I should just retire gracefully.

    The T-shirts are to give to the needy, of course – tee hee

  7. Linky, *I* would never want to get votes by tricking people. *I* have been relying on getting votes because people actually want to vote for me.

    Be very careful Linky.. you are involved with a Don Juan Demarco and he will throw you aside when he has what he wants…

    ; – )

  8. @DaddyP

    Yeah, and I am sure you are very needy! But mind you, for that kind of needy, they invented the washing machine ages ago…


    Agreed: he engaged to me way too fast and suddenly broke it of as fast as it came. I should have seen the red flag “way too fast”. Never mind, he wants to be engaged again…

  9. You are ganging up on me!! So cruel, so very cruel to an old man.

    [I don’t think I gained any fuellers Linky but thank you. People have to get involved first with the personalities which is what I like about Fuelmyblog – it’s not just numbers and clicks]

  10. @DaddyP

    Not teaming up, just a misunderstanding whose fuelbutton was whose…

    Oh, the fueling done by people that are involved: we call it Linky Love over here 🙂

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