Choose the best Favicon or Avatar!

If you are serious in doing business, you need a business card. On your card there will be the logo of your firm. Same with your blog: you need a graphic representation of who you are or what you are doing.

Look at Ah Pek’s avatar, and you know on the spot what he is all about 😉

  • A favicon is the very small cute little image you (should) see at the left top of your browser. (Linky Loves favicon is still not showing 🙁 )
  • An avatar is really your online presence image in blogs, comments, forums, Technorati…

Outsource your designs

I am far from a designer, but I am good in making money 🙂 So what I am not good in, I ask others! I forgot to ask Dale, so Dale, if you are reading this: please design me a favicon and or avatar as well!

The images below are courtesy of Ilker Yoldas and J David Macor : A big thanks!!!

Who designs me a Linky Love directory button?

I would love to change my Linky Love directory button LinkyLove icon : Make money online | Add your link exchange (80×15)…

who takes the challenge?

Choose the best!

Please choose the best from the 5 images below (A, B, C, D, or E) and especially: leave a comment why that one is the best!

make money online

make money online

make money online

make money online

make money online






Leave a comment why which favicon or avatar is the best!
(so you help me beta testing Peter’s useful crap plugin!)

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  1. I would say A or B is the best for favicon! =)

  2. option D is ok

  3. Thanks Hem,

    Why you prefer D?

    Did you take the 4 sec’s survey? If not please do, otherwise thanks!

  4. Hey I was thinking of offering banners to bloggers on my blog, but I would never have thought that you’d want to change yours – it’s really original!
    I’m not that creative, but ‘fireworks’ software is… ha ha..
    I have created banners for munny4hunny and ourblog review plus a few others recently – I will think about offering banners in exchange for links/reviews next month…I took the survey!

  5. Hi Jay:

    Thanks for taking the survey!!!!!!

    Thanks for the John Chow Pen 🙂

    Me no creative n me no have fireworks, that’s why I ask others 🙂

    I will have a look how it goes with your button for review exchange! I for sure find it a good idea.

    Please tell me where the ourblogreview button is, as I lost track there.

    Thanks and love your latest PPP car insurance post, that’s quite original!

  6. Oh you’re too kind…
    come over to munny4hunny for my post about buttons – I am offering buttons for links… I just noticed for the first time today that your button is not actually THAT original after all – ha ha ha
    How slow am I??
    Anyhow I have pasted 6 of my latest buttons into the latest post on my blog – leave me a comment and I will do a button for you – it may not be what your heart desires, but it will be free!!

  7. it’s going well so far – the new ourblogreview button is featured.. I have done buttons for two people so far…hopefully the buzz will grow…

  8. Huy Jay, I wrote a post about you buttons at

    Get a partner

    (Now that’s quite a clear font 🙂 )

  9. nice blog here..thanks for sharing

  10. @Amir

    Why you hide your comment so deep?

    Please join our toplist at

    Looking forward to see you there!

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