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Last time I arrived at the Belgian Airport, after missing my connection in Amsterdam, I sent an sms overseas to tell my Malaysian family I had safely arrived. Then I had to sms my Belgian family that I finally arrived and was ready to be picked up. Until I found out that my luggage didn’t arrive and of course I needed to sms my families again…

To cut the long story short: suddenly I ran out of mobile phone credits, so I was extremely happy to have an emergency phone card at hand!

I also remember the days my grandfather only called 1 time a year from Belgium to Malaysia because it was oh so expensive. But these days are gone! I already got an international calling card to call cheap from Malaysia to Europe, but finally there is a cheap international phone card that you can use anywhere to call everywhere at

Pingo has no hidden fees, offers of course great competitive rates and best of all: grandmother sounds as clear as when she was beside us, in stead of 10.000 miles away. And grandmother can now afford to call us when she feels like it!

You can even use the Pingo card for your mobile phones. Trust me: your mobile phone bills in Europe and US are way to expensive to start with. So go and get such a and save up to 90% on your mobile bills! Not to mention you earn $5 USD in free calling (up to 4 hours of free International calls) just by signing up with Pingo!

How to make money online with Pingo

2 ways to make money online with Pingo:

  1. works with to pay $5 to the first 250 Pingo usermercial videos posted!
  2. has an affiliate program: you can earn $15 for each new customer you refer.

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