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Increase your online visitors: sex sells

There are 3 ways to increase your online visitors riding the sex sells wagon without getting overboard:

  1. start a celebrity blog
  2. find a niche using a keyword research tool quick and easy
  3. find a niche in another language

Let’s go from the bottom to the top.

1. Cerita panas: find a niche in another language

If you speak more than one language, then there is good news: since most websites are in English, it’s much easier to start a niche site in another language.

Niches are so easy to find that you can really just do one post to get on top of the search engine in a very short time.

cerita panas

Cerita Panas : What’s "hot" in Indonesian-Malay language

The easiest way to get yourself into a niche: write not in English (nor Spanish, nor French).

2. Find a niche quick and easy

I used to find niche sites manually like Gwen Stefani Clothes, which took me a day to find but…

Since I downloaded Atomic Blogging from Alvin Phang, I am using his quick and easy keyword research tool to find niche sites by the dozen in only a few minutes…

… like: Adopt a puppy for free.

Thanks Alvin!

3. Start a celebrity blog

Have a look at which blogs are ranking on top of our Toplist… Celebrities are at the border of what is allowed when selling sex and what isn’t. Take Kim Kardashian and you know what we are talking about:

  • when Kim Kardashian takes out her clothes, "we close an eye" (do we ???),
  • when an unknown person takes out her clothes, it’s called porn and we ban it…

Do you want to sell sex?

If you love to watch the E Channel and read all the gossip magazines out there, then you should start yourself a celebrity blog and get as famous as Julia became in only a few months

If watching the E Channel makes you fall asleep or vomit, then you need to chose between the next 2 options:

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