Cerita lucah baik

cerita lucah baikI was looking for a good lucah-xxx story, and nothing better would have fallen out of the sky literary than the story of the airport flight attendant Kyla Ebbert posing for Playboy… but there is a but, not only the sexy butt of Kyla Ebbert, but a real but….

But first the good news: Kyla Ebbert

After Kyla Ebbert lost an application at Southwest Airlines due to a too skimpy outfit, used her brains that the same outfit could easily get her much more money doing much less work posing for Playboy.

Kyla Ebbert

Kyla Ebbert showcasing an outfit
that doesn’t make you any money at Southwest Airlines but
does make lots of money at Playboy…
Location is important! 🙂

And the bad news: airports shoot to kill

taserAll the hot or not so hot geek girls and boys: do you remember the Phaser at Star Trek Enterprise? That gun you could "set to kill" to erase any person from your screen?

As usual: what was once science fiction,sooner or later becomes reality.

This set to kill phaser is now better known as a "taser" and is especially used in Airports to do the job it is set for:

killing an innocent Polish passenger who got lost on a Canadian Airport and unfortunately didn’t understand 1 word of English.

Punishment for traveling to Canada without proper English skills?

Death by taser stun gun!

taser video

Taser video:
Within 30 seconds of arriving on the scene,
Canadian police fired at least two shots
from Taser stun guns at Mr Dziekanski,
who had showed no signs of resisting arrest.

Fresh visitors to Canada

Before you disembark in Vancouver Canada make sure:

  • you have studied the outlay of the airport by hard (getting lost could get you shot)
  • you speak fluent English

Ever wondered why when sad news appears, some hot gossip news comes out to keep people focused on anything and everything but the bad news? Like: kill a man in the airport and make sure you have some sexy juicy girl related to airports as well… or do your best to make her airport related as good as possible… Thank you Playboy…

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  1. Thats typical of Canadian Airports, 2 years ago, my nephew , an American flew into Canada. He was detained for resembling Timothy McVeigh,seems the Canadians thinking anyone that looks like him must be a crazed bomber as well. He was held for 4 days without being allowed any contact with the U.S.Embassy or even a phone call home. It was only when he didnt show up at his destination that we asked the Embassy to find him as the airlines showed he had boarded the flight even when the Canadians claimed he had never arrived. During his stay there, he said he was held underground with an Aussie that said he had been there 4 months with no contact to his Embassy or family. My nephew also states that there are at least 6 others from various countries being held against their will at this underground jail.

  2. @ProBlogReviews

    Quite upsetting….again!!!

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