How Sinful is Saiful’s Sodomy?

If you have never heard of sodomized Saiful, let’s strip Malaysian politics to its core and give you an update. Nothing much can be said about Malaysian politics, as in the 50 years of the same political party being in power, the country didn’t evolve an inch forward. much different than its neighbor Singapore – […]

What Paris Hilton can teach McCain about making money online

  McCain uses Hilton’s parents money to make fun of Paris Hilton: is McCain ready to lead???   Paris Hilton MAKES money online   The only way to make money online is to make sure you have something to offer that people want.   You can see the latest video of sexy socialite Paris Hilton […]

Alexa Vega Facts

One of the Alexa Vega facts shows us she loves to dress up as a blond sexy secretary. Lets serve you a quick Q&A about Alexa Vega.   Does Alexa Vega have a boyfriend?   If you aren’t her boyfriend, than we can be sure Alexa doesn’t have any boyfriend.   Is Alexa Vega Spanish? […]

Gina Lisa Topless

The German "Paris Hilton" on our sexy gossip Thursday is hot Gina Lisa topless in her leaked sex video. Former German Miss Frankfurt 2005, Gina has won several beauty pageants, including Miss Queen of the World 2007 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 2007. But of course you only get really as famous as Kim Kardashian […]

Cerita Panas Gita Gutawa

10 hottest Indonesian celebrities and 1 dark picture look promising for a new, hot and sexy cerita panas Gita Gutawa scandal? It even got hotter the 23th of May when 10 sexy Indonesian celebrities got on stage at an awards night at Jakarta Hotel Mulia Senayan organized by a skin cosmetics producer. You cannot blame […]

Richard Quest CNN

Richard Quest CNN 1.000.000 dollar question: why is there always such a strange grimace on his face? Answer: CNN broadcaster Richard Quest was picked up by New York police at approximately 3:40 am with 1 grimace too far. The officers revealed Richard’s grimace secrets: a sex toy hidden in his boot and a rope (see […]

Emma Watson wearing thongs

When Emma Waston is wearing thongs, do they have a zebra print as what she is showing us see through on her 18th birthday? What is wrong with these Harry Potter actors these days? Why do they have a love for horses, zebras and showing themselves naked? Do we really need to know how hairy […]

Can Ambien improve my memory

Are you asking yourself whether can ambien improve my memory or not? Well… let me refresh your memory then! Do you remember Heath Ledger? No? And are you taking Ambien? Yes? Then you have the living proof that Ambien doesn’t improve any of your memories… Yet when I say living proof, that implements that there […]

Carla Bruni naked

Have a look how Carla Bruni will be sold butt naked at Christie’s today: see the exclusive Carla Bruni naked picture that will at least get a £2,000 price tag! This naked Carla Bruni picture was put up for auction last week at Christie’s New York, minutes before her state visit to Britain. Since it’s […]


DoD brings you the most hilarious and ridiculous invention ever: a hand-held lie detector. ‘red’ means you’re lying …How do you ask a suicide bomber after he blew up the square??? Is DoD the new RED in the war-against-HIV/Aids RED campaign? DoD as in Do or Die! Oops, Department of Defense formerly known as Department […]

Shilpa Lee

Shilpa Lee is the "Asian Escort" name used for Sufiah Yusof: a child genius turned into a prostitute. So you might wonder: how does a smart girl end up to become a prostitute? You shouldn’t be focusing on her brains but on her childhood. It is said her father abused her and that leads to […]

Ana Karina Soto Sex Video

Ana Karina Soto brings you video number 70 that shows us the full beauty of South American actresses, singers or TV stars. Or is Ana Karina’s video 69? I lost count… Ana Karina Soto For a change let’s visit Colombia and our sexy host of the day is a real Colombian TV hostess. She worked […]

About gossip, sex and cancer

For those who have cancer or have a loved one with cancer or any other health problem: my hugs and my prayers. Silent Spring resulted in a large public outcry that eventually led to most uses of DDT being banned in the US in 1972… When anger takes over For those that have experienced cancer […]

Ramiele Malubay American Idol

Well, my dearest American Idol contender Ramiele Malubay does rock and has a marvelous voice… yet all these qualities she needs to show of in 1 song that nails it! Tip $10 and put your link ON TOP of our TOPSPOTS "After I gave Linky Love a $10.00 tip, I’ve increased traffic coming from this […]

Madonna loves Sandra Oh loves Edison Chen loves hard candy

Find out what’s the common sexy link between Edison Chen, Sandra Oh and Madonna… NEW: only $1 to try your ad 1 day Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: $1  Put your 125×125 ad in the right sidebarto find out how many visitors you attract from our daily 10.000 uniques What has […]

Telanjang Ayam’s naked chicks

Are you looking for more telanjang girls in the Edison Chen Scandal? You can see naked chicks here, T-shirts yes or no? here and our latest Edison Chen update at Jolin Tsai Edison pics.

Ramiele Malubay

Today will be the first time that my Top favorite American Idol contestant Ramiele Malubay will fight it out with the 11 other girls. Ramiele Malubay Ramiele Malubay is my favorite because she has a pretty voice and she has Asian roots like me 🙂 Oh are we subjective, well, yes we are 🙂 Now […]

Cecilia Cheung lingerie

From the 8 girls in the Edison Chen Scandal: don’t you agree that in this lingerie picture of Cecilia Cheung is the most sexy of them all? Cecilia Cheung showing off lingerie Unfortunately this Cecilia Cheung Scandal ruined her turbulent marriage, so think about your future if you decide to tape your private life! Our […]

Gillian Chung sexy teddybear scandal

Young girls that are into teddybears are naive and silly prey for Edison Chen. Over at the littleoslo blog: they are asking: Do you stand by Gillian Chung? Well, I already told you what I think about Edison Chen in Who sucked Edison Chen’s balls? Edison Chen is using silly and naive girls for making […]

Galilea Montijo and Ron Paul

Yes, you can now add your link RIGHT NOW! Tip $10 here and place your link instantly in our TOPSPOTS! Ron Paul Galilea MontijoBrought together by faith or was it a mouse or both faithmouse? What can you ask for more: the beauty and the brains? Read a complete coverage about Galilea Montijo!

Mischa Barton glamour

After being busted last year for a DUI, Mischa Barton is back on track in Vogue India. Mischa Barton in Vogue, January 2008 The former ‘The OC’ star, Mischa Barton, talks to Priyanka Khanna in an exclusive interview with Vogue India, about life and style in young Hollywood: Mischa Barton Glamour pictures in Vogue ‘When […]

Galilea Montijo sex tape

Galilea Montijo sex tape Yes, you can now add your link RIGHT NOW! Tip $10 here and place your link instantly in our TOPSPOTS! This time it’s Galilea Montijo herself that decided to pose naked in H. But before we show you the juicy details, let’s recapitulate who Galilea Montijo is in the first place! […]

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Watch the nutcracking video of Hillary Clinton…. Hillary Clinton for president Hillary Clinton Nutcracker Hillary Clinton nutcracker Luckily for any men that will cross Hillary Clinton’s road, she is well behaved: your nuts wont be cracked but make sure to wear some neck protection or your name isn’t George Bush. Talking about cracking a real […]

David Roy Pescatore

2 weeks ago I posted all you needed to know about David Roy Pescatore including his picture. Although David Roy Pescatore has been supporting John Edwards, Edwards just announced he won’t be running for president anymore, which leaves only Hillary and Obama in the race for the Democrats. Having said that: today I wanted to […]

Hillary Clinton naked

Watch the complete video to see Hillary Clinton naked at the end. Hillary Clinton naked We just hope that whoever becomes the new President, they make sure there is no more need to watch videos like the one above… Woman power should be more than being the iron lady Margaret Thatcher turned out to be… […]

Hillary Bikini

Hillary Bikini Screensaver Watch how Hillary bounces back and forth in a bikini… Hillary Bikini Screensaver courtesy of More celebrity bikinis for today at Alizee Bikini, just in case you don’t believe Edwards when saying that Hillary Clinton couldn’t win the presidency because she is too sexy, and thus too intimidating to voters… Now […]

Why Bill Clinton really never had sex with that woman

Why Bill Clinton really never had sex with that woman If you see Bill Clinton’s campaign train, oops, it is supposed Hillary Clinton for President… : Go Hillery Clinton, go! Anyway, Bill Clinton is a man with a vision, be it only above tables…, when he said the historic words during his Bill Clinton scandal: […]

Tammy Nyp

Seems people have nothing better to do today than Googeling for the hot and sexy Tammy Nyp uncensored video: the whole story follows… Tammy Nyp Tammy Nyp and her "never got so famous yet evenly beautiful" friend Nyp Tammy Nyp Tammy and her "soon to get very famous" boyfriend Tammy Nyp Video Tammy Nyp Video […]

Why Linky Love loves Harajuku Lovers

Why Linky love loves Harajuku Lovers? Because… Harajuku lovers ‘ T-shirts are so kawai! Harajuku lovers shoes are so kawai as well! Gwen Stefani Harajuku lovers are all so kawai… Learn some Japanese like kawai thanks to the Harajuku girls describing what Harajuku Clothes are all about. Technorati Tags: harajuku clothes | harajuku girl | […]

Bras illustrated

Bra sizes illustrated and explained. Bras should be filled with tetek for those still wondering what tetek means, even after the quite educational Kim Kardashian Video from our previous post. Bra sizes explained Ever wondered what the A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G and H stands for when it comes to choosing bras? […]

What Kim Kardashian can teach you about tetek

What Kim Kardashian can teach you about tetek Tetek More accurate tetek-tetek because about 50% of humans have 2 of them. What’s the meaning of "tetek"? Well, who better than Kim Kardashian can be a useful teacher here! Watch and tell me what strikes you the most when looking at this Kim Kardashian dance video […]

How you can take sexy pictures like Laure Manaudou this new year

Tip $10 here and place your ad instantly! You only need 30 seconds to divert my thousends of visitors to your site!  In stead of just looking… Dear single guy looking for more action in the coming days around new year … Let’s face it: lonely nights suck.Even lonely dinners suck. Dating sites and dating […]

Paris Hilton herpes

We always advice you to write a blog about something you have some expertise in. Seems Paris Hilton is following Linky Love‘s advice when she wrote her new Paris Hilton Herpes book! Paris Hilton Herpes 101 for Socialites Paris Hilton perfume On a more serious note, Paris Hilton did bring out a perfume called can […]

What Kim Kardashian can teach you about attracting fresh visitors?

Tip $10 here and Linky Love gives you lots of fresh visitors! What brings you the most blog traffic? Linda is collecting all answers on the above question, so answer her here or leave a comment at Linky Love. If you leave a comment here, it will be featured How does Linky Love do it? […]

Linky Love elfs herself, do you elfyouself?

Elfyouself as in Elf Yous Elf? Elfyouself… Elf Yous Elf ? Actually it’s : ElfYourSelf! ElfYourSelf: your best new year greeting card ever OfficeMax’s is One of the Hottest Holiday Web Greeting cards of this moment: more than 65 million visitors have created more than 41 million elves to date since the site […]

Nipple Slip

This hot and sexy nipple slip post is for you once you completed the following 2 steps! How to win your Christmas PlayBoy Bunny Ultimate geek girl desktop tag: fuel for a new book? Megan Fox is nipple slip of today But you need to be warned: nipples are small and pictures are small as […]

Join Linky Love’s totally free personals dating site

Because now we both have 1 vibrant man and 1 cheerful woman online, so there is something for everybody! Ok, I admit, that’s not a lot of dating material, but on the other hand, you can only date one person at a time, so go and have a look at Linky Love‘s Asian Dating Online. […]

Pagerank and Pimp C no more

It’s a weird day today: I read about the death of Pimp C, my mind associates with thepinkC and I was wondering why today was such a slow day at PPP, I mean why no opportunities at all??? Having read thepinkC’s post about her PageRank going from 4 to zero… seems Google did he same […]

Why the doctor wants me to undress?

… Especially when you have a painful throat? That’s what happened to me years ago and luckily I was smart enough to keep my clothes on: my mom always told me to wear enough clothes when you have a cold 🙂 … But what’s important here is: I never reported that doctor to any official […]

Two girls one cup

Two girls one cup… Wysiwyg Two Girls One Cup Now who said Linky Love doesn’t stay on top of the latest gossip? Ok, I do admit that in the Dutch blogs they have a different opinion about what two girls one cup should be all about. As for me: I like a good cup of […]

Julianne Hough’s quickstep cancels another marriage

Since you are here: Find the date of your life!simply sign up at Linky Love’s totally free personals! Julianne Hough’s quickstep cancels another marriage Julianne Hough can dance as good as she can break up marriages… maybe her family has a divorce lawyers office? Ok, my imagination is going wild gain… It’s not always about […]

How pregnant is Vanessa Hudgens?

Have a look at these 2 hot Vanessa Hudgens pictures and focus on her belly: Vanessa Hudgens nude photos are elsewhere at Linky Love… Vanessa Hudgens Photo taken 5 days ago Like the sad story of Megan Meier shows that some mothers are no example for others, we already know that during dating, you shouldn’t […]

Malaysia rules Technorati!

Did you notice which language is spoken these days in the Technorati searches? have a look below to discover the 2 most used languages in Technorati… ron paul lakshmi tatma enzo biagi stuart scott 17tahun indonesia lucah youtube mike huckabee mp3 puki anak dara video nasha aziz bogel vorratsdatenspeicherung noelia technorati townster siti nurhaliza Who […]

Foxy Halloween Wanda Nara dresses up as Firefox

Super Sexy Wanda Nara shows us how she thinks outside the boobs and dresses up as Firefox! (she can’t be dressing down all the time, what comes down, must go up, so something like that…) How Wanda Nara promotes FireFox Technorati Tags: Wallpaper | Celebrities | Sex video | Swimwear | Wanda Nara | Paris […]

Sexy Secrets in Stilettos

Mais sexy do que uma mulher pelada? Well: what about 6 sexy mulheres peladas!! Or should I say sexy stilettos senoritas? Or just the top of the crop models from Victoria’s secrets without wearing… Victoria’s secrets! Pois, estao mulheres muy peladas! Mulher pelada de Victoria’s Secret without wearing Victoria’s Secrets!Sexy secretaries make no chance against […]

Malaysian Astronaut reaches the Muppet Show

So he has been in space, are we now a proud Malaysian nation? Or how much does all this remind me on the old videos of the Muppet Show? Well, there is some funny resemblance that makes my head turn as pink as the characters in the picture each time I have to be reminded […]

California fires

Who started the California fires? We have the exclusive picture showing the face of the man taken just after he started the California fires. Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback… Can somebody tell Arnold Schwarzenegger that he is no more in a movie and that the California fires are real? Still not convinced […]

Gadis 17tahun

Vanessa Hudgens started sending her naked pictures when she was 16. Do you remember what you were doing when you were 17? Being bored in classroom or dating and spicing things up being hot and sexy with the boys? Well, in those days I didn’t have any T-shirt to wear and I was 1 year […]

Love phrases in French

Why do I rank high for "love phrases in French"? Actually the honours should go to a real French site like yours truly’s Learn French site. So how did I manage to rank high for love phrases in French even when I never mentioned it anywhere in my blog? The real power of Linky Love […]

Paris Hilton Gone Wild

Oh yes, now you will see Paris Hilton raw oops Rwa oops, well, raw in Rwanda, not in Paris. Confused? I am sure Paris Hilton must be confused now she wants to become the only Tigress left in Rwanda. Yes, our most favorite Tit girl, (it girl?) will bare it all in a reality show […]

Al Gore: dynamite trees for global peace

Al Gore Al Jazeera, Al Qaida, Al Gore… an other player in the War on Error? Let’s have a closer look in who Al Gore is and what he has accomplished for human kind! Al Gore iii First I have to stress that this is going to be a serious post : Al Gore has […]

Gambar bedah siasat post mortem nurin jazlin

Not only is Nurin cold, the police just released the last suspect in this more than disgusting murder case. Meaning that Nurin’s case is cold as well 🙁 On the other hand there are pictures circulating the Internet showing Nurin how she was found death. People are protesting that these pictures should be banned… HELLO! […]

Nurin is cold

Unlike Ndoema is hot, Nurin is cold… For those not following the news in Malaysia: 8 year old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin was found death with a cucumber and an eggplant in her vagina. Death caused by internal bleeding after Nurin Jazlin Jazimin went missing on an evening market… If you decide to become a parent: […]

Ndoema is hot

If you want to get a hot glimpse of Ndoema, then you need to watch the embedded video below. Ndoema is not only a pretty face, she has a message that you can read at her official webpage at You can read her biography, watch a lot of Ndoema’s photos, videos, read her interviews […]

What bugil teaches you to make money online

Look at the bugil picture of Anggun, a famous sexy Indonesian singer that went to Paris (not Paris Hilton but Paris in France) to make even more money. So good for her. Now look at the not so much clothes on their bodies either Video Ella Jojie Bogel. What do you notice? Bugil suddenly becomes […]

Video Ella Jojie Bogel

Total-E! Thursday of course brings you the Video Ella Jojie Bogel, which actually is old news as we posted it already at Melayu bogel voyeur. Anyway, Ella is our most beautiful Malaysian rocksinger on the left and Jojie is her gorgeous sister on the right. Now what happens if you put 2 sisters together in […]

Melayu bogel voyeur

No need to look for Vanessa Hudgens or Antonella Barba doing God knows what on her toilet: if you really want some voyeur and nude Malaysian pictures, you can get it at Linky Love’s Total-E! Thursday. And for those men who still fantasies about exotic girls, the below video of our famous Malaysian rock singer […]

Toilet Voyeur

It’s total-E! Thursday or Toilet Thursday: so some real wet news for all toilet voyeur picture fans: a naked man in the toilet! Toilet Voyeur for those who never entered a mens’ toilet Iran doesn’t have homosexuals! Now that’s what the always smiling president of Iran Ahmadinejad claims. Which means that the above toilet voyeur […]

Alicia Silverstone naked

Alicia Silverstone butt naked(Picture from Liver Cancer story blog) Alicia Silverstone nude video  Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSA Why is Alicia Silverstone topless? Because it is Total-E! Thursday, and somebody had to take off her clothes for the team 🙂 It also comes to show again that all women know how to hide their crotch […]

Vanessa Hudgens Nude

Yes, it’s Total-E! Thursday, so get ready for some hot and juicy gossip about sweet Vanessa Hudgens. You know Vanessa Hudgens from the famous musical "High School Musical" (or so I hope 🙂 …). She recently became absolutely famous with her Vanessa Hudgens nude pics as well… Vanessa Hudgens nude pic Fake or not, the […]

Sexy Gwen Stefani Goes Moulin Rouge!

But you have to be darn fast if you want to catch the Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape tour in Paris, France as it is the 17th of this month. Tickets are still available! Now that’s why you need to make money online, so you can indulge in visiting any place in the world at any […]

Pavarotti pancreatic cancer

Read more about cancer Our condolences to family and friends of Luciano Pavarotti who died today suffering from pancreatic cancer. As with all cancers, you only hear about it: when the person dies when the person suddenly has no hair "for no reason" This Pavarotti cancer is no exception, and kind of sad way to […]

Thong Thursday

Looking at the amount of visitors Joey Moggie and my latest juicy posts at French Swear Words are attracting, I am also going to add some weekly features… The first thing that came into my mind was Thong Thursday. It sounds even more juicy than TotalE! Thursday. Or maybe I should put them together in: […]