Sexy secretary application 1 : Olga the traveling bra

Win our Sexy Secretary award and get featured! Who’s our next sexy secretary to be featured? Will that be you? Now it’s Olga – The traveling bra 🙂 Tip $10 here and Linky Love places your link instantly! Sexy Secretary history Today I fired my Sexy secretary Maggie Gyllenhaal : she was not using her brains, […]

Zayda Peña, SEOkats and hot coffee

Zayda Peña’s news came as a shocker to me. Why would a beautiful singer for a cause get killed? Kind of get killed twice when the first attempt wasn’t successful? I just opened my eyes in a bed that didn’t look familiar and wanted a sip of honest produce hot coffee. I felt I had […]

Linky Love Misses Daddy P!

Who’s your daddy…! Misses like in missing a train… I took a plain (plane?) because I had figured out where daddy P was staying (ok, the Pica-Pica name of the bar gave it away…), ready to reveal the real face of Daddy P (or so I expect that to be under that cardboard), but oh, […]