Malaysia 2010 : not even half on track towards vision 2020

Is the modern day Malaysian enjoying his more than 50 years of independence or is there no difference between today’s rule and the colonial rule of 50 years ago? If you are twice my age, you most likely speak better English than me and after school you enjoyed fun and games or worked hard to […]

Sandra Cantu Death

8 year old Sandra Cantu from Tracy California was found death in a suitcase 2 days ago. A massive hunt for her killer has begun but so far without arrests although 3 people from the park have been interrogated already with one chilling detail:   Frank Wohler – a 60-year-old martial arts instructor – said […]

Death of Natasha Richardson

Our deepest condolences following the death of Natasha Richardson, who leaves behind husband Liam Neeson, 2 sons and a lot of friends and family.   Liam Neeson, his sons, and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha. They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers […]

Elisabeth Wong’s nude pics bulldozered by ruling Malaysian party

Elisabeth Wong’s nude pics were no match for the ruling Malaysian political party UMNO in their quest to crush anything opposition in any way possible.     Some pervert took pictures of Elisabeth Wong when she was sleeping naked and managed to get them published in the Malay Mail. Which is quite an eye opener, […]

How to make money during the Zhang Ziyi topless scandal?

Don’t waste more time looking for the 80 Zhang Ziyi topless bikini pictures : see the most funny one here and juicy ones in the link provided. When done, return to make money online immediately.     Didn’t I just help you saving loads of time? πŸ™‚   Is Zhang Ziyi a disgrace being topless? […]


DoD brings you the most hilarious and ridiculous invention ever: a hand-held lie detector. β€˜red’ means you’re lying …How do you ask a suicide bomber after he blew up the square??? Is DoD the new RED in the war-against-HIV/Aids RED campaign? DoD as in Do or Die! Oops, Department of Defense formerly known as Department […]

Is Daddy P the new PM of Malaysia?

And if so, will the price of gasoline double again in 4 years…? We recently published our research what the P meant in DaddyP over at the FuelMyBlog blog, yet after Daddy P left a comment on my Omblogsman post, we had to review our ideas… I brought a problem to his notice and this […]

Mas Selamat

Mas Selamat Singaporean police hunts down Mas Selamat, Malaysian Police hunts down Nasi Lemak (which is an other word for coconut rice if you are from overseas…). Let’s compare Singaporean and Malaysian jails… Mas Selamat: fear in Singapore Mas Selamat bin Kastari is famous for his plan to bomb Singapore Changi Airport in 2002 (by […]

Space War: Spy Satellite ‘Kill’ Would Prove U.S. Capability of wasting money BIG TIME

Some countries like Cuba manage to keep a car rolling for more than 50 years: Picture of Fidel Castro’s legacy:don’t spend money if you have no other choice Some countries like US manage to destroy satellites without even using them: Destruction of "Spy Satellite":Spend billions making a satelliteDon’t use it because it is uselessSpend billions […]

Fidel Castro in power

What is better: a dictator caring for his people or a democratic chosen president caring for his interests? Fidel Castro in Power Fidel Castro in Power Showing his true frail colors after his gastrointestinal surgery in July 2006, Fidel Castro’s last words in power were to resign. Why? "It would betray my conscience to take […]

Ida Nerina & Fauzi Nawawi scandal

Trying to outperform the Edison Chen Scandal in Hong Kong, Malaysia does better with their own Ida Nerina & Fauzi Nawawi scandal… Ida Nerina Biography Ida Nerina Biography Unlike famous Edison Chen, we need to help you a bit about Ida Nerina’s personality… Ida Nerina is a Malaysian actor that started winning Best Actress prizes […]