How to make money in your underwear

Few weeks ago I already explained how to make money on the Internet Typing in my underwear but I never imagined my butt could be worth 10.000 Euros! See: sometimes you are just sitting on a goldmine without really knowing it! Kristina Dimitrova Andrei Andrei So my butt could be worth 10.000 Euros if I […]

Make money online with an online store

If you are reading this blog, then you know that you can make a lot of money with a business website online. If you already have a small business in the brick and mortar world and you are looking to expand your clientele, then the logical next step is setting up your own online store. […]

How to make money on Halloween!

Halloween is the ideal time to make some extra money, and best of all: it is tax free! All you have to do is dress up as a kid, go from door to door and scare the hell out of those parents! Don’t settle for treats, demand real money (baseball bats could strengthen your demands […]

Make money on the Internet with Zazzle or lets you design your own T-Shirts, Cards, Postage, Posters, Mugs, Hats, Aprons, Bags, Bumper Stickers, Buttons, Calendars and Keychains. Your product will then be online for people to buy in your own shop on the 2 above websites. Nothing stops you from promoting your goods on your own website though. This way […]

What really fat cats can teach you about PageRank

What really fat cats can teach you about PageRank… What do fat cats and PageRank have in common? Nothing really, and that’s the lesson to learn today. The only reason why this cat is fat is because: his bosses love him dearly and give him lots of food for being a lazy cat … If […]

Which online casino is the best?

If you love casinos but like me hate the smoke of cigarettes, online casinos are your best bet! But where to go online for placing a safe bet with a high payout? To get an overview of the best online casinos in the US, visit You will be presented with a list of the […]

3 secrets chickens can teach you about making money online

Chicken wisdom for those being that Google spanked their Pagerank…. 1. Make money online: Trade eggs for food Why do we keep chickens? Because they keep giving us eggs in exchange for corn. If you have something that other people want, you are in business! The disadvantage of this business plan is that the chicken […]

Top 10 sites that make money working from home

Do you want to work from home? Are you following all the tips and techniques from our site or any other site that tells you how to blog for money? An other approach to work from home is: learning by example. Go and have a look at the top 10 Work From Home sites (no […]

How to earn big money as a super affiliate

Why did I get a spike in fresh visitors last Friday? Because that’s when I bought, read and applied some tricks of the following ebook. Of course I will share with you in the coming months the secrets I am learning through this affiliate ebook, but if you want to speed up your knowledge, just […]

Vote for me and I promise you hot gril on gril action!

As hot as Hoang Thuy Linh? Most likely hotter because she is Vietnamese and I am Eurasian: the exotic beauty of Asia and the French kissing naughtiness of … the French πŸ™‚ First and foremost you do need to know that Hoang Thuy Linh is a Vietnamese TV star with of course how else do […]

California fires

Who started the California fires? We have the exclusive picture showing the face of the man taken just after he started the California fires. Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback… Can somebody tell Arnold Schwarzenegger that he is no more in a movie and that the California fires are real? Still not convinced […]

Do you have a term life insurance?

Are you looking for term life insurance for yourself and /or your family? Globe Life Insurance, a company that was started in 1951, provides easy term life insurance coverage. No medical examination is needed and no questions relating to your health will be asked. You can get coverage on the first day so absolutely no […]

Why size matters when you want to make money on the Internet

Quite obvious: size matters because: you don’t want to be the only fish in the entire ocean you don’t want to be an elephant in a phone-boot Why size matters when you make money online When you make money on the Internet, you have to know: where you stand and what your goals are If […]

How to get some quick and easy money

Do you need a cash advance urgently and can’t get a loan from your family and friends? You can now apply for pay day loans online and approval can be obtained within minutes. It is easy and all you have to do is to go online and fill in the payday loan application form. Upon […]

Money Monday

From today onwards Meme Monday will be changed into Money Monday Why no more memes Because you need to tag your friends, and they get quite annoyed if you keep on tagging them Because I have no clue who to tag next Because DaddyP doesn’t want to meme me πŸ™ Why Money Monday? Because Linky […]

I bet you don’t know Bet365

Do you love to place a bet like I do? Then you surely know that cigarettes and booze can spoil any decent casino room or poker table for that matter. That’s why I love online betting and online gaming: you can do it anytime from the comfort of your own home! And the website that […]

How to rebuild your financial future

If your financial life is in a mess and you have a bad credit rating, there are still solutions to get back on track. All you have to do is ask for your personal free debt assessment from an established credit counseling service. They will teach you your first steps in rebuilding your financial future!

Are you the next Internet Millionaire

Follow these 3 simple steps and the next Internet Millionaire will be you! you add your link to Linky Love and become instantly famous! come back to read more ways of making money online and when you believe in the Power of Linky Love next Internet Millionaire

Fowa : FOr Wealthy Audiences only?

Everybody gets connected these days, that is if you can pay for it. I love to be sexy and mobile and I can thanks to my Blackberry that nicely connects to my laptop which gives me Internet access 24/7. Just at a hefty price which explains why I am so desperate to make money online: […]

Do you want to bet?

Are you an amateur or professional sport bettor? Are you looking for a quality and secured way to place your bets? Nowadays sport betting is becoming very popular in the UK: you can make money predicting  the results of an outcome of a sporting event. But you can get a full range of online betting […]

How to set up your own online business

Are you stressed out in the office and thinking of opening up your own online business so you can be your own boss finally? You can now create an online store easily using Ashop Commerce who is a leader in providing shopping cart software. They are a revolutionary online store host offering ecommerce software for […]

WW Wednesday

Today I had to rush out in order to get my French Swear Words back online. Basically the bill was not paid… Not because I don’t make money on the Internet enough. But because this domain is my father’s domain. So since I got it as a present and… it seems the present includes paying […]

New + Better than PayPerPost: Livewire.NET!

Since I can’t make money anymore with PayPerPost due to "geographical segmentation", I am now focused on making 35$ with this one post! How can you earn 35$ with one post like this as well? Simple: you need to sleep with the founder of Livewire.NET read the latest secret in make money online follow the […]

Why PayPerPost is Bullying our leg

Is US a big bully when it comes to world politics? Why is PayPerPost pulling our non US legs? Or is it just the US way of being a big bully? Those days in the PayPerPost boards there was a big pooh-ha that Non US posties don’t speak good English. When I stated that there […]

What do you do if you don’t have anything to offer

You sell fresh air! Agloco is the best example of this tactic, but PayPerPost talks back! about Argus in What is coming uses the exact same tactic. What is coming? The key factor is making a big fuzz about something that is coming making sure: you make it sound big you don’t reveal when the […]

PayPerPost talks back!

If you have a question to ask PayPerPost, they talk back! Below our concerns, question and answer from PayPerPost’s: Go ahead, ask me anything.   Our PayPerPost concerns Read also my Postie Prostitute: are you the PP in PPP? Is PayPerPost selling itself? A respectable firm that suddenly: keeps on going to Vegas (are they […]

Who wants a piece of John Chow?

Do you want a piece of John Chow, the living legend on how to make money online blogs? Do you want a piece of his money, a piece of his 2 corvettes, a piece of his brains (the ones he uses to make money)? Or do you want the piece of John Chow I got […]

Free John Chow!

All bloggers unite to Free John Chow now! It was just a matter of time before evil John Chow who was already getting on the nerves of every Google engine, now John Chow has been stepping on the feet of the police after his controversial pictures from Taiwan where he single-handedly or should we say […]

Bloggerwave is back

Life as it should be! It was only a matter of time before somebody would capitalize on the backlash non US posties are suffering with the protectionist ideas of PayPerPost. Bloggerwave is back with a 10 dollar opp for 50 words at Life as it should be!

Who wants a 0% interest credit card

Looking for a 0% interest credit card? Select Mint credit card that is offering the above with competitive introductory offer including other benefits. No interest will be chargeable for balance transfers for 13 months. No interest on purchases until 1 March 2008. Bonus offer until 1st June 2009 on balance transfers. Check online for terms […]

Postie Prostitute: are you the PP in PPP?

PPP or PayPerPost is giving its Posties a hard ride for their money. With 50.000 posties blogging for money, the PPP opportunities: become cheaper ask for more links ask for more words The only way to grab a decent paid post is becoming a 24/7 PP or Postie Prostitute stalker. This is the price for […]

Gwen Stefani Rich Girl

If I was a rich girl πŸ™‚ This is a song that gets into my head when I wake up and doesn’t get out of my head for the rest of the day πŸ™‚ Thanks Gwen Stefani! For those who never heard the Gwen Stefani Rich Girl lyrics: Gwen Stefani will buy herself a second […]

What Paris Hilton can teach us about making money

Are you like me trying all your best to get some money in, just to get frustrated that according to Technorati people are just looking for Johanna Cardona, Paris Hilton, Noelia and Galilea Montijo? Quiz: what do the following ladies have in common: Well, they all reside in the America’s and they all have a […]

How to win 2793$

Yeah, if you cannot win the 50.000$ from the previous post or you think a sex change operation is not really worth it, you can join the link back promotion from My Dearest Friend TheAnand. For those who don’t know Anand, he is the one introducing me to all the breast augmentations you have been […]

Who wants to win 50.000$

In stead of all these tiny weeny contests that are flooding the blogosphere these days: Add your Link at Linky Love goes full force! Well, all you have to do is become be a woman and read the rest of the contest at: Compete for 50.000 $

Why are you not making money online

You started of with lots of energy and motivation, got your website or blog up and running, did all the SEO techniques in the book, listen to your beloved songs from the latest Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape CD and ….. …. The big bucks don’t come poring in πŸ™‚ This is because you are inbetween. […]

Redesigning Liver Cancer

No, I ‘am not a doctor suddenly (I wish, the amount of money you can make with breast augmentation and liposuction is humongous…), but I am talking about my grandfather whom I loved dearest and whom passed away from Liver Cancer. Mom has been asking me to redesign her Liver Cancer blog, and after a […]

Make money with your old cell phone

What do you do if you wish to buy a new cell phone and wish to get rid of the old one? Instead of discarding it or giving it away or stashing it away in a cupboard, you can now sell my old cell phone and get cash using All kinds of models can […]

How you can help children

One of my favourite charities is Children’s Hunger Fund providing aid to poor and hungry children all across America, and throughout the world. Children’s Hunger Fund charity was established in 1991 and has provided aid to children in more than 70 countries worldwide. The current President of this charity is Mr David K Philipps. Foods […]

Invest in property in Mexico

Making money online is one thing, but you need to set a goal why you are making money in the first place. For me that aim is a house. Not any house but my dream-house has to be near the ocean like Ocean Front and Ocean View properties from Baja Real Estate. When it comes […]

How to accept credit cards

If you want to have a modern retail shop or if you want to make money online by setting up an respectable online shop: it goes without saying that your customers need to be able to pay with credit cards. In order to accept credit cards, you need to find a merchant account. A merchant […]

How is your Smorty Experience?

Please leave your comment about Smorty. I have been happily using πŸ™‚Smorty πŸ™‚ quite some time now doing blogging for money. But my latest post about Nurofen Plus kind of gave me a headache 😈 Every time I submitted my post, I got the error message: Anchor URL not found 2 I checked "everything", didn’t […]

How to accept Visa/Mastercard?

If you want to sell something online, you should set up "something’ to Accept Visa/Mastercard payments, and these "somethings" are called Merchant Accounts. Actually a merchants account accepts the credit card payments and makes sure the money gets into your account later on. If you have a mortar and brick store accepting credit cards, again […]

Free word count

If you blog for money, some of the paid to post services asks you to write a certain amount of words. Now if you write a decent review, you know that 100 words is easy to get if you just give an opinion on what you see on the web-site. If it comes to 300 […]

How to Feed your Feed

Why Feed your RSS Feed? Because some of the paid to post services measure the success of your blog on the amount of RSS Feed subscribers. Ok, this Feed your Feed is from my second self proclaimed partner Ellie from She makes more in 1 month than what I made in the first 3 […]

8 random facts about me

Recently this tagging game has been doing the rounds. I was tagged by TheAnand. So here is some random stuff from Linky Love! My dream is to live in a country where I am not discriminated against: nor in law, nor because of the color of my skin, my hair nor the size of my […]

Summer Discount Special Promotion

If you are looking for anything to decorate your house, garden, bedroom, bathroom and you want to have 10% savings on anything on offer, then you should have a visit at the Online Discount Mart. No wonder there is an extra discount of 10%, as this decor site seems to have been targeting the spring […]

How to make money online with Pay Per Post

Written by Michael from the one penny project. I did 4 reviews for PayPerPost and am still waiting for them to be approved. You really need to check often for offers because the good ones get taken quickly. The $5 reviews are easy to get, but the $10+ reviews go quick.

Make money online with Loudlaunch

As said in my previous post Make money online Q1 earnings, I need to find more eggs in my money making basket. I keep on known territory: “get paid for blogging” and I add Loudlaunch, said to be a copy cat of PayPerPost. Pro’s and Con’s about Loudlaunch each opportunity you write about only earns […]

Make money online with PayPerPost

Since I need to start earning much more money blogging online (I do have to earn money to pay off the computer that I am going to buy in order to make money online… go figure! 😈 ), I joined PayPerPost. Well: they have 20 posts that I can write about: much more than any […]

Be smart: get your free credit report

I work hard for the money and do everything to use my money wisely. Especially when it comes to credit cards. My basic strategy is: to pay all my debts off at the end of the month and accumulate extra rewards, cash and points for that! If your credit card use is more complicated than […]

Make money online Q1 Earnings

Q1 Earnings: make money online, add your link exchange! Month 1 earnings: $ 24.81 Month 2 earnings: $ 62.28 Month 3 earnings: $ 44.10 Total earnings first Quarter Q1 = : $ 131,19 Q1 target: $ 140: Month 1 earnings: $ 20 Month 2 earnings: $ 40 Month 3 earnings: $ 80 Detailed monthly earnings […]

Get the tools you need to make money online!

Back to basics… If you want to make money on the Internet, you need: an Internet connection a working computer The better your tools, the better your earnings My Internet connection: unlike in Europe where I use broadband, I am using dial up in Malaysia. So whatever speed my computer could get: I am loosing […]

What is wrong with Firefox?

Is this only me or are others encountering the same problem? My computer is running slow (CPU Usage 100%), so immediately my geeky sister suspected spyware. I run Adaware and yes, I have some "critical objects". Once removed and restarted my computer, all goes well until I start browsing in Firefox. Same thing: computer slows […]

1 excellent review for only 1 tea

When you buy me a tea, I will give you a review based on the amount of tea I got πŸ™‚ Leave a comment once you bought me a tea, so I know whom to review!

What are the best ways to make money on the internet?

Ellie from just asked me what is the best way to make money online and why? 2 months ago I would have answered: sign up for PayPerPost. But Ellie already knows how to make money online using PayPerPost… This is another sign that: “blog about what you love and sign up for PayPerPost” is […]

500 most paid Adsense keywords

Surfing around I just found the 500 most paid Adsense keywords. There are 2 ways to use this list: 1. Get crazy and think you can make money online making a website “everybody else” knows about. 2. Do like me and stay away from these keywords. Why? It’s already difficult enough getting my page ranking […]

How to make your comment stand out at Linky Love

I just got an affiliate comment on Linky Love that goes like this: Also I have an opportunity for your site to earn extra money offering a 40 Blog Network! Increase your Technorati Authority by 40 and increase backlinks by 120 in 24 hours for $20!! If you really want me to approve your affiliate […]

Make money online earnings list

If you don’t know Paula Mooney, then it is time you should: she is a great example making money on the Internet with smart methods like her favorite: Paulas new list of blogger salaries You will find yours truly Linky Love at place 112 and partner Jay at spot 98 πŸ™‚ Thanks Paula!!!!! If you […]

Woman Power

Here is some linkbait from Empower Women Now calling for a link-exchange with all women and mom bloggers. (Now I always thought the latter would imply the first…) What is in it for you? you’re guaranteed at least 2 link-backs, a chance to win $500.95 in prizes, you will get a $200 press release […]

Be first to get noticed!

One simple strategy to get noticed is being the first: We all know the President of the US, but who is number 3? Same goes with: being the first to grab a Creamaid being the first to comment on a blog being the first to write a Linky Love review like I asked yesterday in […]

Linky Love will add your link: review rules

Review Linky Love and receive a backlink! Linky Love will add your link every time I receive 5 new reviews about Linky Love. Why you want a link to Linky Love? Because Linky Love is hot 😳 : within the top 100.000 of Technorati within 3 months! If you use a PageRank predictor tool, you […]

Advertlets Poll Code only

My previous Advertlets posts: Monetize your blog twice with Advertlets! Advertlets survey Since my last post, Advertlets keeps on surprising me by answering my questions starlight in my email. Aren’t they great! Actually my latest question was how we can track our Advertlets earnings. My previous question about the Polling Code: why is your survey […]

Make money with your pet!

Do you know people who love to receive cards and who love pets? Then you better send them a pet ecard now! Pets are featured in different categories, from funny pets to rescued pets cards. How to make money online with your pet? But what’s in it for my readers trying to make money online? […]

Earn $7.5 when you review my blog

Yes, you can earn money when you review my blog, how cool is that! You just need to click on the Get paid to review my post button at the bottom of each post and follow the instructions (or ask more explanations in a comment) How to get the money? Like with every other paid […]


Did you make a bid yet to receive the John Chow pen? 😈 After days of trying and writing to get into the advertising service of Blogitive, I still cannot login and get the following error message: Sorry, this account was not recognized. What is your experience with Blogitive?

Who wants to buy the John Chow pen?

As you all know, I was sent the exclusive make money online pen from John Chow. To monetize my blog to the fullest, I am selling of this exclusive John Chow pen to the highest bidder! So if you are interested: add your bid in a comment and the John Chow pen could be yours […]

Monthly earnings amount

The second month of Linky Love is over and the earnings this month were 62.28$. Compared to 24.81$ in the first month (see: it’s earnings that count) This makes my overall total after 2 months : 87.09$ I don’t count 3 extra dollars earned from CreamAid referrals, because they are earned by my smart, sexy […]


Jippee, got an email today that Linky Love got accepted in Blogitive: the paid to post service of Great would you say… well, not so: I tried to log in and it just doesn’t work: I cannot get past the login page… Who is Blogitive looking for? Evil me also applied with a […]

Linky Love at its best!

Thanks to all of you!!!! Another batch of Linky Lovers linking to me and 1 great feedback review. Seems I had way to much advertisement, so I got rid of a few. Please leave a comment if you think it’s still too much or how I can improve the layout? Daily Linky Love Legitimate Work […]

The News-Room Helpdesk

The News Room offers news and CPM ads to your site. I emailed yesterday aking how I can track how much my ads from The News-Room are making? Within 4 hours I got their answer! Communication is king Take me as an example: Linky Love is a new site and people bare with my newcomer […]

The News Room payments?

In my 2 previous posts: showing an example of a CPM post from The News Room and explaining how to use The News Room, I didn’t mention about payments. nevertheless: when working for money: it’s money that counts! πŸ™‚ Unfortunately there is no clear page on their website to track your earnings, so I wrote […]

How to earn $145k?

By becoming a teenager and thinking like one… See TheNewsRoom video below… How to earn money with TheNewsRoom? This is a lazy man’s way of earning money by displaying embedded news (they call it ‘mash" the news on your blog!) You want to mash me? Click on the mash button on TheNewsRoom video below, fill […]

WordPress incoming links work again

And these seem to be the latest incoming links, if you are not on the list: please leave me a comment! Just that I am getting a flu, so will be linking to all of you later, but I say thank you already to: the thinking blog : Ilker, the designer of my Linky Love […]

Bloggerwave is a new paid to post site that has got a lot of comments these days due to: looks too much like PPP rumours about bad or not paying out What is different compared with PPP is the way you submit your opportunity: you will get HTML code that you put in your post […]