Will you grab $200 given the opportunity?

  How fun is it to gain an extra $200 with hardly any effort? All you need to do to earn a quick buck for yourself is writing on your blog what you like best about Alvin’s successful make money online website called GatherSuccess.com. So here goes: I have been following Alvin’s blog since its […]

How you can make a blog – Sign up now – New Online LL Course!

From zero to 10.000 unique visitors in less than 10 months? That’s exactly what Linky Love did in less than 10 months, December 2007 and you can learn from us how to do that!   Feel free to sign up for our new "How to make a Blog" -course teaching you all about how to […]

How to make money with Linkworth Tutorial (2)

Read also our first part of our Linkworth tutorial at How to earn money with LinkWorth. During our first part of our tutorial, we told you to set your link-price to a value you really think your links are worth. If you set a "greedy" price like I did the first time, you will get […]

Are we really making money online?

Today we at Linky Love will evaluate our own website… We are bragging about How to make money on the Internet and How to make money online. But are we? Wake up call Linky Love’s wake up call from snowball of blogs I was quoted in "snowball of blogs like so": The original "Linky Love" […]

Answer your visitors

Questo e per Marco 🙂 If your visitors ask you a question in a comment or by email or in your active communities: make sure you give them an answer! There will be webmasters saying that they cannot be bothered about reading all visitors email. Again, this all depends on what is the purpose of […]

Make your site useful!

This should be a no-brainer: show clearly what you want to show! If you have a coffee shop or a restaurant: show a menu card! If your site sells something, make sure people can find the BUY button. If your site is about money and link exchange like mine, then show the money and the […]

How to get listed faster

In my Step 9: get listed I stressed on the fact that you need to get listed in directories. To make your typing job easier, download ShortKeys : the Free ShortKeys Lite version let you make 15 short cut keys for 15 sentences. For directory submissions you only need 9: Title Keywords (tags) Description URL […]

Step 10: Evaluation!

Or in other words: review yourself! Are you still on track with: your posts : do you write posts that are expected when people read your title? your time spent on the computer : do you use your time for your blog to grow? your visitors : do you know who they are and do […]

Are you making money already?

If you have a new blog, and like me you have been doing 1001 things on your blog, you start wondering; is this all worth it? If I go beg in the street I can earn more money than after 2 weeks of hard blogging work… That could be true but you need to see […]

Step 9 : Get listed

Where to list yourself? 1. At linkylove of course! Link to us and add your site in a comment if you want to be listed here. If you want some love back, then add this on your site. Just copy and paste the green HTML below: <a href="http://www.linkylove.net" title="Make Money Online | Add your link […]

Step 8 : Make each new webpage SEO friendly (1)

WordPressGuy and all WordPress geeks: please answer the question just above the comments! This is actually the same idea as Step 2 : How to make a good website , yet in stead of website, we now say webpage. For those scratching their head: website is like http://www.linkylove.net webpage is like http://www.linkylove.net/about.html Each webpage needs: […]

New Plugin for Linky Love.net: Show Top Commentators

This post is sponsored by j david macor.com (if you have something useful for Linky Love, Linky Love gives you credit!) Leave your comment and be rewarded 2 times! You already know how to get your special gift if you leave a comment: each link in your approved comment will be read in the search […]

Finding your niche

How a 2 week old website ranks 2 in Google By choosing the right niche! Linkylove.net is only 2 weeks old and look where we are in the search engine: Linky Love ranking high in about 10 days Why do I rank high? Because I deserve to rank high 🙂 You need to read Step […]

Promote your links to your visitors

This page was sponsored by Life is Risky (Susan from Life is Risky is just very, very helpful) Talking about aims Again, your aim is to give your visitors what they want. If you can do that, then the search engines will put you higher in their list eventually, as that is the aim of […]

Step 7: Start earning money

When you just started a blog or you just found out you can earn money by blogging, you probably have 1001 things to do. So we want a fast and easy way to start earning money, when we are busy doing the other 1000 things. What to choose now depends on your blog: is your […]

Why are links important?

people first: people give you links the Internet is a net of links Show that you love linky love! If you love linky love, then add this on your site. Just copy and paste the green HTML below: <a href="http://www.linkylove.net" title="Make Money Online | Add your link exchange" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.linkylove.net/make-money-online-add-your-link-exchange.jpg" alt="Make money online | Add […]

Step 6 : join, join, join…join!

Join the 4 websites listed below to: get more visitors get higher paid advertisers Imagine you are walking on the street: how difficult it is to make new friends, let alone to get noticed? Now imagine you "join the club": suddenly you get much easier noticed in your club you notice others and you have […]

Step 5 : Let your visitors use your website

This post has been sponsored by Life is Risky (Susan from lifeisrisky.com commented on  Step 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that I forgot to implement my HTML tags, so I just did that now) Thanks Susan 🙂 Assets You only have 2 assets online: use them well! your visitors yourself Love your visitors Because: visitors are […]

Step 4: How to get in the search engines?

You get in the search engines because the search engines found your website! How does the search engine find your website? By following a link on another webpage that links to your website. Aha: that’s why I am called Linky Love: because I love links from other websites to my website 🙂 😉 🙂 How […]

Step 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Step 3 is implementing our efforts from Step 2: How to make a good website. Why? Because the search engines want to rank high the "good" websites. And as explained yesterday: a good website offers what people want. So in an ideal world, the search engines rank the websites that people want first Now you can […]

Step 2: How to make a good website

Offer what people want How does the coffee shop owner get so many customers in his coffee shops? he offers stalls with good food people want that food GIVE WHAT PEOPLE WANT. What people want is very important: if my father opens a pork restaurant in a Muslim area, no matter how good the pork […]

Step 1: New theme and first advertisers

How do you make money in a coffee-shop or restaurant? (yes dad, that happens when you let me work in your coffee-shops from little: I will brag about it now!) Again: How do you make money in a coffee-shop or restaurant? you have to serve food you need customers Same with making money online on […]

1001 things to do

So you want to make money now right? So do I 🙂 That’s like saying: I want to live in a house now, but I still need to buy the land, and I need to buy the bricks, and I need to find a contractor who hopefully is not going to give me more headaches […]

Online money from scratch

Do you wan to earn money online? Do you feel like you missed the boat? Do you feel that other successful bloggers are way too advanced for you to catch up? If you answered yes to one of these question, than this start from scratch blog is ideal for you! We start tomorrow Why this […]