Money Monday

From today onwards Meme Monday will be changed into Money Monday Why no more memes Because you need to tag your friends, and they get quite annoyed if you keep on tagging them Because I have no clue who to tag next Because DaddyP doesn’t want to meme me πŸ™ Why Money Monday? Because Linky […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Meme

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, meaning we want to: educate the world there is a problem called (breast) cancer educate the world that early detection means you live longer tell the world you can sponsor breast cancer research and awareness programs You can Google about it or read more at Breast Cancer Awareness […]

Monday Meme about hatching and cancer

I got a wonderful surprise from Maiylah’s blog last week:I got this: Brad Egel originally created this award and started the egg rolling to pass the love around. Seems I got tagged and like Hor Ny Ang Moh, I was quite confused what this tagging meant. Basically: If you get "tagged" you are invited to […]

Monday Mood Meme

A lovely easy meme for those who are in the mood (any mood that is!) and love to add pictures on their blogs. ===== Rules, Regulations kind of stuff ==== The rules are simple and will be changed by Joey πŸ™‚ Show us a picture of your current mood Explain why this picture describes your […]

Most aMazing Monday Meme

Since I am out of the office (yeah, kind of cute way of saying I have no office in the first place πŸ˜‰ ): join my amazing incredibly popular The Biggest Monday Meme Ever or join Fracas’ Monday Melee or join both!!!!!! Main thing is you join to get more Linky Love and more visitors! […]

My weekend Linky Love

If you give some extra love to Linky Love, I might as well give you a special thank you back during the weekend πŸ™‚ Thanks to Jean Chia It’s always a great pleasure to interact with Jean Chia: thanks for participating in the biggest meme ever! Thanks to Joey Moggie Double thanks to Joey Moggie […]

Join the most popular Linky Love meme ever

The challenge We challenge you to participate in the most popular meme ever : show the world we only need a few hours to get the count below multiplied by 10! Amount of readers of this most popular meme ever What you can do Be part of the biggest Linky Love ever! Join this meme […]

Meme Monday

And when you write it MeMe Monday it becomes MMM. Now don’t confuse this with Me Me on Mondays, which of course is incredibly sexy, the other days of the week me look even more sexy πŸ™‚ Meme Theme Monday’s from now on will be having a Meme, so who-ever wants to give or receive […]

8 random facts about me

Recently this tagging game has been doing the rounds. I was tagged by TheAnand. So here is some random stuff from Linky Love! My dream is to live in a country where I am not discriminated against: nor in law, nor because of the color of my skin, my hair nor the size of my […]

Which 7 people want to get tagged by Linky Love?

Leave a comment below if you want to get tagged for 8 random facts about me. It’s always fun to be tagged by your friends and sometimes amazing to get tagged by readers whom you didn’t know of. So I got tagged by Anand speaking about 8 random facts about me, and I will join […]

Want to make a good new friend?

Then go and read how to make friends with J David, who is the designer of….. drum-roll……: Linky Love avatar at MyBlogLog designed by J David Make friends at MyBlogLog to get more visitors Go and visit me at MyBlogLog. If you never heard about MyBlogLog: it’s a place where friends hang out. And it’s […]

Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!

This is the ultimate way of getting your site reviewed the way you always wanted; just do it yourself! Who better than yourself knows your “must read blogposts” best? That’s why you should advocate them with your anchor texts on Linky Love! Guest Author Rules: write about your own site preference for sites about: make […]

Ask me to make you a favicon!

Why a favicon? So you can Join my Favicon matrix and get more popular on the Internet πŸ™‚ How to ask? Write a short review about Linky love giving you a favicon (see exact rules at Join my Favicon matrix) What do you get in return? A lot of linky love from all the participants […]

Join the favicon matrix!

Last updated: September 01, 2007 (cleaned up the messy code of Ilker-Blogspot that was putting my sidebar below my post…). This favicon Matrix is now fully WordPress proved thanks to Linky Love : persistent as always 😈 Join the favicon matrix! If you liked the benefits of viral tags and you love the beauty of […]

Join the Ultimate Guide to Productivity

I got tagged: in The Ultimate Guide to Productivity from JDavid 1 week ago to join a creative meme about productivity This Ultimate Guide to Productivity was created by the Instigator Blog and it is essentially a group writing project. My productivity tips They are basically all in bold above: time is a factor choose […]

Favorite me and I favorite you meme

As you all know I am a big fan of Ilker Yoldas although he didn’t review me yet πŸ™ He is probably angry because I didn’t stress enough that his marvelous blog is all about Graphic Design. Or am I wrong Ilker? Think about it… So what has Ilker in stall for us today? Well, […]