Swine Flu Date

This picture shows a clear example of a swine flu date…   To be safe, you shouldn’t be kissing strangers, especially not on arrival at any airport, as you never know who is carrying the swine flu these days.   For what I learned, not being allowed to kiss is quite the norm when you […]

La vache qui rit à la DP-san

This post finishes with Japanese girls trying to kill anybody eating smiling dolphins… How did things get out of hand?   It all started when DPsan bought his belovered Goddess the Shogun DVD…   Yet after all the Japanese posts I made, vivid reader DPsan failed miserably in saying I love you in Japanese.   […]

Do you have the balls…?

If not, then we will teach you how to get balls: origami balls that is!   And now that Israel is forming a new government and to prevent a new Gaza war, we recommend they import origami guns.

What Paris Hilton can teach McCain about making money online

  McCain uses Hilton’s parents money to make fun of Paris Hilton: is McCain ready to lead???   Paris Hilton MAKES money online   The only way to make money online is to make sure you have something to offer that people want.   You can see the latest video of sexy socialite Paris Hilton […]

Richard Quest CNN

Richard Quest CNN 1.000.000 dollar question: why is there always such a strange grimace on his face? Answer: CNN broadcaster Richard Quest was picked up by New York police at approximately 3:40 am with 1 grimace too far. The officers revealed Richard’s grimace secrets: a sex toy hidden in his boot and a rope (see […]

Can You tube Me?

How sexy does that sound: can you tube me on U 2 music? That’s really RED man! Well, whoever can answer this can become blog of the weekend! It’s easy: Help me to improve my utterly romantic rose video… YouTube Question How to upload the best Youtube Video I am looking for a freeware Video […]


DoD brings you the most hilarious and ridiculous invention ever: a hand-held lie detector. ‘red’ means you’re lying …How do you ask a suicide bomber after he blew up the square??? Is DoD the new RED in the war-against-HIV/Aids RED campaign? DoD as in Do or Die! Oops, Department of Defense formerly known as Department […]

Toilet Bowl Cam

Today we bring you a funny toilet bowl cam introduce by no less than John Chow: our toilet spy of the day! What you do next if your name is John Chow: leave a comment and say Thanks! if your name is not John Chow, then post his video in any unappropriate place you can […]

Ratty Papersurfer

Tuesday is pets-day here at Linky Love, so we will introduce you to the almost extinct Ratty Papersurfer. Where men go, rats will follow… And that’s exactly what Ratty Papersurfers do: they follow Daddy Papersurfer: the most funniest blogger in the UK! The reason why they follow Daddy Papersurfer is because he is one of […]