Where to get the best price

When you shop online you must ensure that you make a price comparison to get the best deal available. Savebuckets is a great online site where you can make price comparisons on all kinds of products like laptops. For example: the Asus Eee PC Black Laptop is available at Sterling Pds. 241.21 only and the […]

How to buy a cheap and good computer

First you grab the cheapest Dell offer you can find (735dollar) Then you need to call Dell 2 times to find out they cannot deliver your order and they have no idea when they can. You cancel your Dell order. You take the Dell configuration and present it to a computer assemble shop (Plaza Low […]

Great Discounts for Hotel Reservations

Are you like me always on the hunt of traveling at the greatest discount possible? Well, at first sight it seems I found the cheapest Hotel Discounts online: they give you an instant $ 100 rebate they claim you can save up to 70% on hotel bookings and they give you a $ 30 gas […]