How do you say I love you in Japanese

How to tell a Japanese girl that you love her without her running away forever?   Make sure you never use: Aishite iru which translates to I love you but won’t get you far as it is only appropriate in Japanese love poetry or when you are really dating the younger, most modern Japanese generation.. […]

Japanese girls photos

Some hot and sexy Japanese girls photos you can’t refuse in order to start learning Japanese for free.   In stead of just looking at Japanese girls photos, wouldn’t it be more fun to be able to talk to one?   Well, it’s not only more fun, but it’s also very easy: learning just a […]

Anime French Kiss

    Enjoy this anime French kiss and learn how to French kiss as well as French kiss a Japanese girl.   The right way to French kiss   Sometimes you don’t even have to learn the right wat to French kiss, just let it happen like the Asian French kiss this Japanese boy receives […]