Win an entire website!

Win AGAIN with the ultimate geek girl! to get yourself:   a WordPress theme personally designed for you  a free domain-name and SEO friendly blog-setup  5 hours of coaching how to blog better   You can win all these 3 prizes at once as you can participate with 3 different blogs.   Contest hosted at […]

I want to make money, how to make money?

We got a broad question from Gurry over at our pink "How to start a blog" site, where you can ask all your questions and we will answer them! Since this is a question about making money, of course we tackle it here πŸ™‚ How to make money This is a broad question, so we […]

The plugin that saved the blog

Blogging ain’t easy. You might have noticed that my site was a few hours down. Luckily I found a top alternative Adsense plugin and we are up and running making money online again πŸ™‚ Managing multiple blogs (my Learn French blog, my cute names for kittens blog…) and trying to make all blogs look different, […]

How to make money online with Pets on Tuesdays

Get your link online on the spot! Tip $10 here and place your link instantly in our TOPSPOTS! Hurry! ONLY 2 links of $ 10 left,once taken, prices will go up! Contextual ads need good context for good ads Unlike websites for pets, that have advertisement straight about pets, blogging about juicy subjects like a […]

How Laure Manaudou nude pictures attract fresh visitors

We posted some Laure Manaudou nude pictures 3 days ago like so: … and we saw our unique daily visitors spike to 25.000 in stead of the average unique 5000 like so: Laure Manaudou nude … is what attracts fresh visitors… How to attract fresh visitors Geek talk, content is king, keywords, optimize SEO…… NUDE […]

How joining a contest brings you new visitors

Yes, there are some contests about there where you can win prizes and as a side-kick: get extra visitors to your site! Of course you need to find those contests, and the place to go is the FuelMyBlog community! More visitors contest case study there is a contest at fuelmyblog you better join now, because: […]

Make a perfect list to attract fresh visitors

I invite all of you listed to Join My Toplist πŸ™‚Like fracas, you could be the next blog of the weekend (which the soonest is tomorrow!)  This make-a-useful-list technique is very smart if you are not the top website in your niche yet: you just make a list of all the sites that are the […]

WW Wednesday

Today I had to rush out in order to get my French Swear Words back online. Basically the bill was not paid… Not because I don’t make money on the Internet enough. But because this domain is my father’s domain. So since I got it as a present and… it seems the present includes paying […]

Blog of the day 8: Joey Moggie

Your already Blog of the day number 8 has arrived πŸ™‚ This is a great site from Joey who has an extremely well linked to "cat" blog. Unfortunately one of the directory badges is not showing up and pushing here sidebar to the bottom. That’s why you all should use Linky Love’s directory badge which […]

Ping Ping

Did you visit my niche site Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape already? I did, and so should you if you want to get some inspiration about refrigerators in her Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape Lyrics. Actually the title of this post should be ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping… […]

Redesigning Liver Cancer

No, I ‘am not a doctor suddenly (I wish, the amount of money you can make with breast augmentation and liposuction is humongous…), but I am talking about my grandfather whom I loved dearest and whom passed away from Liver Cancer. Mom has been asking me to redesign her Liver Cancer blog, and after a […]

How to Feed your Feed

Why Feed your RSS Feed? Because some of the paid to post services measure the success of your blog on the amount of RSS Feed subscribers. Ok, this Feed your Feed is from my second self proclaimed partner Ellie from She makes more in 1 month than what I made in the first 3 […]

WordPress global translator plugin

For those like Zubli who follow my mybloglog member page French, you know that I am into languages. That’s why I love this WordPress global translator plugin: those flags you see in my right side bar. Click on the French flag, and tadaa: French translators have no more way to make money online 😈 . […]


Jippee, got an email today that Linky Love got accepted in Blogitive: the paid to post service of Great would you say… well, not so: I tried to log in and it just doesn’t work: I cannot get past the login page… Who is Blogitive looking for? Evil me also applied with a […]

Linky Love at its best!

Thanks to all of you!!!! Another batch of Linky Lovers linking to me and 1 great feedback review. Seems I had way to much advertisement, so I got rid of a few. Please leave a comment if you think it’s still too much or how I can improve the layout? Daily Linky Love Legitimate Work […]

Related posts

So I have got some feedback about LinkyLove and the worst was: I didn’t read your content as I didn’t know where to start… So for all of you that do manage to read this πŸ™‚ today I installed the logical continuation of a blog post: a link to posts that are about the same […]

WordPress incoming links work again

And these seem to be the latest incoming links, if you are not on the list: please leave me a comment! Just that I am getting a flu, so will be linking to all of you later, but I say thank you already to: the thinking blog : Ilker, the designer of my Linky Love […]

Technorati Update + WordPress incoming links gone

Since Technorati is in the midst of revamping their site, the new incoming links on my WordPress dashboard are temporary gone. So for those linking to me or reviewing me, please leave a comment! This is exactly why I don’t like to twitter around with the look and feel of WordPress templates either: takes a […]

Is this the new prophet?

Did I just stumble on the blog of a new prophet? That was my first idea when I read this apostles post. Even in his last paragraph, he mentions God in a way normal church visitors wouldn’t even dare to think about. Personally I am not keen on a new prophet. Not only will it […]

Get a link exchange just by asking in your own blog!

Please take my 4 sec’s survey at the left sidebar first thank you! In the age of the dinosaur when there were only static websites, you needed to write to the webmaster and ask for a link exchange. In the age of bloggers in the blogosphere : bloggers using WordPress (or any other decent ‘blogware’) […]

Choose the best Favicon or Avatar!

If you are serious in doing business, you need a business card. On your card there will be the logo of your firm. Same with your blog: you need a graphic representation of who you are or what you are doing. Look at Ah Pek’s avatar, and you know on the spot what he is […]

How to get rid of spam?

So my comments are piling up these days: I know exactly what enormous painkiller to take when you have a headache in order to keep up with your boyfriend who is ‘kinda’ high on viagra… Stop Spam I activated my Akismet Plugin (which sits already in your WordPress installation waiting to be activated). Well, 50 […]