How Laure Manaudou nude pictures attract fresh visitors

We posted some Laure Manaudou nude pictures 3 days ago like so: … and we saw our unique daily visitors spike to 25.000 in stead of the average unique 5000 like so: Laure Manaudou nude … is what attracts fresh visitors… How to attract fresh visitors Geek talk, content is king, keywords, optimize SEO…… NUDE […]

Ultimate geek girl desktop tag: fuel for a new book?

Do you want free candles, free chocolate, free coffee? Then join the contest with more prizes than contestants!How to win your Christmas PlayBoy Bunny Kevin and Sylvie are looking for a new subject of their book making you famous in the real world. They just need a subject where lots of people can participate and […]

Linky Love, bragging rights and Zoey Zane dangers

Linky Love bragging rights Since last week the fresh visitors has been poring in big time at Linky Love, which makes us listing quite high on different rankings. For independent comparisons: add your link to our very own Linky Love Toplist and become blog of the weekend! PayPerPost RealRank 23 RealRank 23 at PayPerPost Ranking […]

PayPerPost is a fucking …

Thanks to Ask a Blogger tipping me $10,he ranks number 1 on my TOPSPOTS and he gets lots of visitors from my site in return, including me! Tip me $10 and I promise you lots of visitors! Your link will be approved automatically: it takes you only 5 seconds to get listed! So what about […]

Correction: Indonesia rules Technorati!

Bunga Citra Lestari is from Indonesia… My first comment on Malaysia rules Technorati! points out that Bunga Citra Lestari is from Indonesia. Which is true, so we need to clarify some things here… Indonesia Indonesia is well known in Europe thanks to the Dutch colonization. Lots of Indonesians went to Holland and introduced their delicious […]

Malaysia rules Technorati!

Did you notice which language is spoken these days in the Technorati searches? have a look below to discover the 2 most used languages in Technorati… ron paul lakshmi tatma enzo biagi stuart scott 17tahun indonesia lucah youtube mike huckabee mp3 puki anak dara video nasha aziz bogel vorratsdatenspeicherung noelia technorati townster siti nurhaliza Who […]

Pagerank ZERO Finally!

Now that’s what I read about Linky Love over at Horeki‘s blog πŸ™‚ Well, like DoshDosh implies: PR is not my favorite tool, the one below is πŸ™‚   My blog is worth $173,878.32.How much is your blog worth?   Happy Blogging! If you really need a bigger PR?, then give us some Linky Love […]

Are you the next Internet Millionaire

Follow these 3 simple steps and the next Internet Millionaire will be you! you add your link to Linky Love and become instantly famous! come back to read more ways of making money online and when you believe in the Power of Linky Love next Internet Millionaire

Video Ella Jojie Bogel case study Fresh Visitors

Yesterday on my Total-E! Thursday I have been stripping about like nobodies’ business. This made me so famous that for 1 day I even ranked higher than Z. Even Z had a great funny post about naked chicks, Linky Love hit the real deal with the stripping nude Video Ella Jojie Bogel :-): What strippers […]

What bugil teaches you to make money online

Look at the bugil picture of Anggun, a famous sexy Indonesian singer that went to Paris (not Paris Hilton but Paris in France) to make even more money. So good for her. Now look at the not so much clothes on their bodies either Video Ella Jojie Bogel. What do you notice? Bugil suddenly becomes […]

Toilet Voyeur

It’s total-E! Thursday or Toilet Thursday: so some real wet news for all toilet voyeur picture fans: a naked man in the toilet! Toilet Voyeur for those who never entered a mens’ toilet Iran doesn’t have homosexuals! Now that’s what the always smiling president of Iran Ahmadinejad claims. Which means that the above toilet voyeur […]

Tiger Tuesday

Linky Love is still out of the office, but happy to finally introduce you to Tiger πŸ™‚ Tiger on a rainy day driving his car (yeah, he got a real driver, try to beat that!) See you tomorrow! Meanwhile become blog of the weekend like so: How you can become your own Blog of the […]

Alicia Silverstone naked

Alicia Silverstone butt naked(Picture from Liver Cancer story blog) Alicia Silverstone nude video  Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSA Why is Alicia Silverstone topless? Because it is Total-E! Thursday, and somebody had to take off her clothes for the team πŸ™‚ It also comes to show again that all women know how to hide their crotch […]

Tiger Tuesday

From today onwards, Tuesday is cat day. In my case Tiger Tuesday day (as that’s the “original” name of my cat, or so I thought before I googled it up πŸ™‚ ) Cats on Tuesday : Molly is grandmom’s cat πŸ™‚ This is grandmom’s cat: Molly in stead of Moggie, saved as a kitten from […]

Postie Prostitute: are you the PP in PPP?

PPP or PayPerPost is giving its Posties a hard ride for their money. With 50.000 posties blogging for money, the PPP opportunities: become cheaper ask for more links ask for more words The only way to grab a decent paid post is becoming a 24/7 PP or Postie Prostitute stalker. This is the price for […]

What Paris Hilton can teach us about making money

Are you like me trying all your best to get some money in, just to get frustrated that according to Technorati people are just looking for Johanna Cardona, Paris Hilton, Noelia and Galilea Montijo? Quiz: what do the following ladies have in common: Well, they all reside in the America’s and they all have a […]

What Paris Hilton can teach us about making money online

If you have brains, you start at the bottom of this list. The less original you are, the higher you start in the list. Judge yourself which direction Paris Hilton is going… Sexy questions, Paris Hilton sex tape, Paris Hilton sex video… it’s obvious that sex sells. What is not obvious is that my make […]

Linky Love will add your link: review rules

Review Linky Love and receive a backlink! Linky Love will add your link every time I receive 5 new reviews about Linky Love. Why you want a link to Linky Love? Because Linky Love is hot 😳 : within the top 100.000 of Technorati within 3 months! If you use a PageRank predictor tool, you […]

Monthly earnings amount

The second month of Linky Love is over and the earnings this month were 62.28$. Compared to 24.81$ in the first month (see: it’s earnings that count) This makes my overall total after 2 months : 87.09$ I don’t count 3 extra dollars earned from CreamAid referrals, because they are earned by my smart, sexy […]

Related posts

So I have got some feedback about LinkyLove and the worst was: I didn’t read your content as I didn’t know where to start… So for all of you that do manage to read this πŸ™‚ today I installed the logical continuation of a blog post: a link to posts that are about the same […]

WordPress incoming links work again

And these seem to be the latest incoming links, if you are not on the list: please leave me a comment! Just that I am getting a flu, so will be linking to all of you later, but I say thank you already to: the thinking blog : Ilker, the designer of my Linky Love […]

Technorati Update + WordPress incoming links gone

Since Technorati is in the midst of revamping their site, the new incoming links on my WordPress dashboard are temporary gone. So for those linking to me or reviewing me, please leave a comment! This is exactly why I don’t like to twitter around with the look and feel of WordPress templates either: takes a […]

Choose the best Favicon or Avatar!

If you are serious in doing business, you need a business card. On your card there will be the logo of your firm. Same with your blog: you need a graphic representation of who you are or what you are doing. Look at Ah Pek’s avatar, and you know on the spot what he is […]

Join the Ultimate Guide to Productivity

I got tagged: in The Ultimate Guide to Productivity from JDavid 1 week ago to join a creative meme about productivity This Ultimate Guide to Productivity was created by the Instigator Blog and it is essentially a group writing project. My productivity tips They are basically all in bold above: time is a factor choose […]

Favorite me and I favorite you meme

As you all know I am a big fan of Ilker Yoldas although he didn’t review me yet πŸ™ He is probably angry because I didn’t stress enough that his marvelous blog is all about Graphic Design. Or am I wrong Ilker? Think about it… So what has Ilker in stall for us today? Well, […]