How to make your comment stand out at Linky Love

I just got an affiliate comment on Linky Love that goes like this: Also I have an opportunity for your site to earn extra money offering a 40 Blog Network! Increase your Technorati Authority by 40 and increase backlinks by 120 in 24 hours for $20!! If you really want me to approve your affiliate […]

Choose the best Favicon or Avatar!

If you are serious in doing business, you need a business card. On your card there will be the logo of your firm. Same with your blog: you need a graphic representation of who you are or what you are doing. Look at Ah Pek’s avatar, and you know on the spot what he is […]

How to get rid of spam?

So my comments are piling up these days: I know exactly what enormous painkiller to take when you have a headache in order to keep up with your boyfriend who is ‘kinda’ high on viagra… Stop Spam I activated my Akismet Plugin (which sits already in your WordPress installation waiting to be activated). Well, 50 […]