Toilet Bowl Cam

Today we bring you a funny toilet bowl cam introduce by no less than John Chow: our toilet spy of the day! What you do next if your name is John Chow: leave a comment and say Thanks! if your name is not John Chow, then post his video in any unappropriate place you can […]

Tammy Nyp

Seems people have nothing better to do today than Googeling for the hot and sexy Tammy Nyp uncensored video: the whole story follows… Tammy Nyp Tammy Nyp and her "never got so famous yet evenly beautiful" friend Nyp Tammy Nyp Tammy and her "soon to get very famous" boyfriend Tammy Nyp Video Tammy Nyp Video […]

Heath Ledger Joker

What’s in a name… : Heath Ledger becomes Death Ledger … could be a joke from Heath Ledger as the joker…. Unfortunately, Heath Ledger is really death after suffocating in his own vomit after taking drugs… No more making money for him… You have a brilliant career, yet you get on drugs and get an […]

David Roy Pescatore

David Roy Pescatore fished himself out of anonymity by backing John Edwards’ campaign (I am sure Ron Paul will be very jealous that he is not the one backed up by unknown David Roy Pescatore…) David Roy Pescatore biography David Roy Pescatore used to be a not too famous yet international haircut model with haircuts […]

How joining a contest brings you new visitors

Yes, there are some contests about there where you can win prizes and as a side-kick: get extra visitors to your site! Of course you need to find those contests, and the place to go is the FuelMyBlog community! More visitors contest case study there is a contest at fuelmyblog you better join now, because: […]

Linky Love elfs herself, do you elfyouself?

Elfyouself as in Elf Yous Elf? Elfyouself… Elf Yous Elf ? Actually it’s : ElfYourSelf! ElfYourSelf: your best new year greeting card ever OfficeMax’s is One of the Hottest Holiday Web Greeting cards of this moment: more than 65 million visitors have created more than 41 million elves to date since the site […]

Ultimate geek girl desktop tag: fuel for a new book?

Do you want free candles, free chocolate, free coffee? Then join the contest with more prizes than contestants!How to win your Christmas PlayBoy Bunny Kevin and Sylvie are looking for a new subject of their book making you famous in the real world. They just need a subject where lots of people can participate and […]

What Noelia, Percanat and Jenny Bush can teach you about attracting new visitors

Percanat up close and personal What’s the hype about Percanat? You should see it up close here to believe it and then read on to better understand it. Be prepared: it could get hot and ugly! Percanat up close and personal! You are even more famous when you are death First and foremost, sadly but […]

Join Linky Love’s totally free personals dating site

Because now we both have 1 vibrant man and 1 cheerful woman online, so there is something for everybody! Ok, I admit, that’s not a lot of dating material, but on the other hand, you can only date one person at a time, so go and have a look at Linky Love‘s Asian Dating Online. […]

Complete Aubade sexy lingerie calendar 2008 download free

What better to find under the Christmas tree than sexy lingerie? A pair of woolen socks and diamonds to start with! Meanwhile French lingerie expert Aubade has come out with its ever so sexy lingerie Calendar 2008, which you can download entirely here and whilst you are waiting for your download, you can have already […]

Why the doctor wants me to undress?

… Especially when you have a painful throat? That’s what happened to me years ago and luckily I was smart enough to keep my clothes on: my mom always told me to wear enough clothes when you have a cold 🙂 … But what’s important here is: I never reported that doctor to any official […]

Zoey Zane hot news

Emily Sanders aka zoeyzane found A body matching the description of Emily Sander was found about 50 miles east of El Dorado. Is Emily Sanders Zoey Zane? At the moment of Emily Sanders’ disappearance, Zoey Zane nude pictures show up everywhere on the Internet. The Zoey Zane website filled with naked Zoey Zane pics goes […]

Where to get the best price

When you shop online you must ensure that you make a price comparison to get the best deal available. Savebuckets is a great online site where you can make price comparisons on all kinds of products like laptops. For example: the Asus Eee PC Black Laptop is available at Sterling Pds. 241.21 only and the […]

Never believe what you see on TV

I love to watch Asian drama’s like the well known Crunching Tiger Hidden Dragon where people master martial arts in a way they can fly through the air…. Ok, it’s all fiction! Then there are the American movies where heroes get shot left, right and center, they stumble a bit and then continue to do […]

Who wants to date Noelia at Linky Love?

Tip $10 here to place your ad instantly! What, can we really date Noelia on Linky Love dot net? Well, we are in the progress of having this service for your, there are only 2 more obstacles: I have to make sure my new online dating site is completely running at totally free personals I […]

What do cats and bra’s have in common?

Cats and bra’s love boobs Fomento de la lectura:Read more books! Cats and bra’s show your level of education Fomento de la lectura:Read more books!If you don’t get the link,watch the video below… At least cats know how to wear bra’s Fomento de la lectura:Read more books!If you don’t get the link,watch the video below… […]


Talking about Politicians: Malaysia has a PM saying he wants to listen to his people…as long as they keep quite! So no blogging nor demonstrations allowed… No wonder expats start thinking Why is there more freedom in Pakistan than in Malaysia? Technorati Tags: Singapore | Malaysia | Asia | Food | Indonesia | Australia | […]

Save money: buy using coupons!

If you are looking for gifts for workmates, family and friends, you can now save time and money shopping online for free coupons, online coupons and coupon codes. Navigating the site is very easy as you can search by store or by category. You can get items like apparel for men and women, flowers […]

Fresh visitors: show off your awards!

If you are heavily attracting new visitors to your site like I am doing these days, then you need to make sure they get impressed by what you have on offer. If you are writing about how to make money on the Internet, then make sure it is somewhere clearly stated you are earning at […]

How to make money in your underwear

Few weeks ago I already explained how to make money on the Internet Typing in my underwear but I never imagined my butt could be worth 10.000 Euros! See: sometimes you are just sitting on a goldmine without really knowing it! Kristina Dimitrova Andrei Andrei So my butt could be worth 10.000 Euros if I […]

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Do you want real help for a DUI charge?

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Which online casino is the best?

If you love casinos but like me hate the smoke of cigarettes, online casinos are your best bet! But where to go online for placing a safe bet with a high payout? To get an overview of the best online casinos in the US, visit You will be presented with a list of the […]

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Sexy Secrets in Stilettos

Mais sexy do que uma mulher pelada? Well: what about 6 sexy mulheres peladas!! Or should I say sexy stilettos senoritas? Or just the top of the crop models from Victoria’s secrets without wearing… Victoria’s secrets! Pois, estao mulheres muy peladas! Mulher pelada de Victoria’s Secret without wearing Victoria’s Secrets!Sexy secretaries make no chance against […]

Where is the most romantic place to say “I do”

Are you planning a wedding of a lifetime for yourself? Now the trend is to have destination weddings and it is a romantic way of getting hitched. It would be so grand to have a wedding in an exotic destination where your family and friends will remember the event forever as well. One other important […]

California fires

Who started the California fires? We have the exclusive picture showing the face of the man taken just after he started the California fires. Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback… Can somebody tell Arnold Schwarzenegger that he is no more in a movie and that the California fires are real? Still not convinced […]

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How to repair a power supply

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How to get some quick and easy money

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Amazing Orlando vacation home rentals

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How to buy even more gifts during the holiday season!

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Go party and get some Linky Love

Where better than parties to get more Linky Love? Go and visit Wolfbernz!

Malaysia Newspaper : Make money with TheNewsRoom

Malaysia’s tourist bait… …if your connection is slow… be patient…embedded content loading… Mash this “video” so I make money or go to The News Room and embed (“mash’) news videos with adds in your blog! Linky Love removed this The News Room movie as it is too big (width exceed my column) to fit this […]

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How to blog better than Paris Hilton?

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What to do today?

In stead of me teaching you some SEO and Internet marketing today, it’s your turn today: THANKS! Trackback to LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest so: you learn how to link to other blogs with a trackback or pingback since most of you know this already:just help me win the LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest! you […]

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LinkyLove vs Susan Trackback Contest!

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