Toilet Bowl Cam

Today we bring you a funny toilet bowl cam introduce by no less than John Chow: our toilet spy of the day! What you do next if your name is John Chow: leave a comment and say Thanks! if your name is not John Chow, then post his video in any unappropriate place you can […]

Space War: Spy Satellite ‘Kill’ Would Prove U.S. Capability of wasting money BIG TIME

Some countries like Cuba manage to keep a car rolling for more than 50 years: Picture of Fidel Castro’s legacy:don’t spend money if you have no other choice Some countries like US manage to destroy satellites without even using them: Destruction of "Spy Satellite":Spend billions making a satelliteDon’t use it because it is uselessSpend billions […]

Tammy Nyp

Seems people have nothing better to do today than Googeling for the hot and sexy Tammy Nyp uncensored video: the whole story follows… Tammy Nyp Tammy Nyp and her "never got so famous yet evenly beautiful" friend Nyp Tammy Nyp Tammy and her "soon to get very famous" boyfriend Tammy Nyp Video Tammy Nyp Video […]

What Kim Kardashian can teach you about attracting fresh visitors?

Tip $10 here and Linky Love gives you lots of fresh visitors! What brings you the most blog traffic? Linda is collecting all answers on the above question, so answer her here or leave a comment at Linky Love. If you leave a comment here, it will be featured How does Linky Love do it? […]

Linky Love elfs herself, do you elfyouself?

Elfyouself as in Elf Yous Elf? Elfyouself… Elf Yous Elf ? Actually it’s : ElfYourSelf! ElfYourSelf: your best new year greeting card ever OfficeMax’s is One of the Hottest Holiday Web Greeting cards of this moment: more than 65 million visitors have created more than 41 million elves to date since the site […]


Zoukout : Best dance beach party ever from 8pm to 8am in Sentosa: Singapore! Whilst in Malaysia they are still bickering about what the accepted dresscode should be on the beautiful beaches of Terranganu… On top of that there is wild protest about Gwen Stefani Clothes being too sexy or not. And to top it […]

Monthly Earnings: It’s earnings that count

Best Performing money maker this month:     Tip $10 here and Linky Love places your link instantly!Both loved by me and the advertisers using it! "After I gave Linky Love a $10.00 tip, I’ve increased traffic coming from this website to mine. It’s working for me & it should work for you too!" Tip […]

What Noelia, Percanat and Jenny Bush can teach you about attracting new visitors

Percanat up close and personal What’s the hype about Percanat? You should see it up close here to believe it and then read on to better understand it. Be prepared: it could get hot and ugly! Percanat up close and personal! You are even more famous when you are death First and foremost, sadly but […]

Fresh visitors: show off your awards!

If you are heavily attracting new visitors to your site like I am doing these days, then you need to make sure they get impressed by what you have on offer. If you are writing about how to make money on the Internet, then make sure it is somewhere clearly stated you are earning at […]

Vote for me and I promise you hot gril on gril action!

As hot as Hoang Thuy Linh? Most likely hotter because she is Vietnamese and I am Eurasian: the exotic beauty of Asia and the French kissing naughtiness of … the French πŸ™‚ First and foremost you do need to know that Hoang Thuy Linh is a Vietnamese TV star with of course how else do […]

Sexy Secrets in Stilettos

Mais sexy do que uma mulher pelada? Well: what about 6 sexy mulheres peladas!! Or should I say sexy stilettos senoritas? Or just the top of the crop models from Victoria’s secrets without wearing… Victoria’s secrets! Pois, estao mulheres muy peladas! Mulher pelada de Victoria’s Secret without wearing Victoria’s Secrets!Sexy secretaries make no chance against […]

Malaysian Astronaut reaches the Muppet Show

So he has been in space, are we now a proud Malaysian nation? Or how much does all this remind me on the old videos of the Muppet Show? Well, there is some funny resemblance that makes my head turn as pink as the characters in the picture each time I have to be reminded […]

California fires

Who started the California fires? We have the exclusive picture showing the face of the man taken just after he started the California fires. Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback Arnold Schwarzenegger the comeback… Can somebody tell Arnold Schwarzenegger that he is no more in a movie and that the California fires are real? Still not convinced […]

Ndoema is hot

If you want to get a hot glimpse of Ndoema, then you need to watch the embedded video below. Ndoema is not only a pretty face, she has a message that you can read at her official webpage at You can read her biography, watch a lot of Ndoema’s photos, videos, read her interviews […]

What a baby can teach you about attracting fresh visitors

If you have a new website which is nowhere to be found in the search engine, then your only option is to use baby tactics: SHOUT and CRY ! Shout and Cry case study If you go to our Wanna be on top toplist you first add your url free and then see the top […]

Alicia Silverstone naked

Alicia Silverstone butt naked(Picture from Liver Cancer story blog) Alicia Silverstone nude video  Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSA Why is Alicia Silverstone topless? Because it is Total-E! Thursday, and somebody had to take off her clothes for the team πŸ™‚ It also comes to show again that all women know how to hide their crotch […]

Leave The Simpsons alone!

Join the most popular Linky Love meme ever Leave OJ Simpson alone I mean: if you leave a piece of cheese on the table with me in the room, and the next minute the cheese has disappeared, then don’t accuse me from stealing the cheese! I just happened to be there, so why is the […]

Fresh Visitors Friday: Be on top of the news!

One way of attracting new visitors is breaking a news-story first. The second best thing is being on top of the news and add in your personal touch. It will attract less visitors than the first idea, but still more visitors than when you just sit back and relax! Vanessa Hudgens nude case study This […]

Vanessa Hudgens Nude

Yes, it’s Total-E! Thursday, so get ready for some hot and juicy gossip about sweet Vanessa Hudgens. You know Vanessa Hudgens from the famous musical "High School Musical" (or so I hope πŸ™‚ …). She recently became absolutely famous with her Vanessa Hudgens nude pics as well… Vanessa Hudgens nude pic Fake or not, the […]

Singapore Sluts now ranking number 1

Yes, there is now one Singapore Slut on top of the search engine and that Singapore Slut is me πŸ™‚ ??? 😈 Yes, I am above all the other Singapore sluts now πŸ˜‰ Yours truly Singapore slut… Last of the Singapore Sluts series Ok, this was just an example how you can be rich and […]

What Singapore Sluts can teach you about ranking high in search engine

2 hours ago I uploaded the post Do you prefer sexy secretaries or just 1 Singapore slut? and look what is ranking on Google at ranking 9 for keyword phrase Singapore Slut?: Singapore Slut ranking 9 on search engine after 90 minutes of posting! See also the example how high you can rank after reviewing […]

Bloggerwave is back

Life as it should be! It was only a matter of time before somebody would capitalize on the backlash non US posties are suffering with the protectionist ideas of PayPerPost. Bloggerwave is back with a 10 dollar opp for 50 words at Life as it should be!

Who wants to win 50.000$

In stead of all these tiny weeny contests that are flooding the blogosphere these days: Add your Link at Linky Love goes full force! Well, all you have to do is become be a woman and read the rest of the contest at: Compete for 50.000 $

Gwen Stefani Nude

In Kuala Lumpur, the National Association of Islamic Students has lodged a protest against the Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape concert to be held on 21st August 2007 on the basis that it is against Malaysian culture and lifestyle. The Association is worried that the performance of this artiste will contravene the regulations as set out […]

Add your link success!

Every day I get more incoming links, do I have yours already? Thanks for linking to me! Daily Blogdump Due to my flu I am having a delay in updating my blogroll, yet meanwhile I add you inside my posts: that gives even better linking power! BlogDumps Blog Speedcat Hollydale Page Sexy Celebrity Sistas For […]


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