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Meanwhile our Linky Love database with totally free personals is growing slowly but surely. If you add your profile now you will be noticed on the spot as the members are still limited but cute. We are still on the lookout for more members like you, if possible famous members like Ida Nerina: Ida Nerina […]

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You must have read the so called "earn money when you sleep" slogans,trying to sell you yet another affiliate ebook. But is it really just fiction and no facts? First let’s see what we can learn from cats… Cats sleep a lot yet manage to live a great lifestyle Cats earn a living sleeping… If […]

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Why didn’t I update my monthly earnings until now? Because I got alarmed when 3 months ago there was no PR upgrade, only PageRank downgrades… which had a big influence on my strategy and earnings. It’s earnings that count Earnings Strategy: my answer to Google dropping PageRank Take an old horse (French Swear Words blog) […]

Why size matters when you want to make money on the Internet

Quite obvious: size matters because: you don’t want to be the only fish in the entire ocean you don’t want to be an elephant in a phone-boot Why size matters when you make money online When you make money on the Internet, you have to know: where you stand and what your goals are If […]

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Linky Love is still in the midst of revamping this blog and our latest addition is a professional web directory called Dewitt’s Media Web Directory. Compared with the Linky Love Toplist Directory: Dewitt’s Media Web Directory is not free, Linky Love Toplist Directory is free for only 80$ you are always on top at Dewitt’s […]

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Monthly earnings amount

The second month of Linky Love is over and the earnings this month were 62.28$. Compared to 24.81$ in the first month (see: it’s earnings that count) This makes my overall total after 2 months : 87.09$ I don’t count 3 extra dollars earned from CreamAid referrals, because they are earned by my smart, sexy […]

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I just signed up at the WAC Webmaster Forum and if you are a webmaster like me monetizing your blog, I advice you to sign up also. Why? Because: they share 50% of their Adsense revenue (yes, have your adsense pub and channel code ready!) I immediately asked for link exchanges in the Link Exchange […]