Dirty pick up lines

Enjoy our top 10 dirty pick up lines which could make you laugh and your date run. Dirty chat up lines do work when:   you do love each other and  your partner loves your sense of humor big time.   If you really want to learn how to pick up a girl, then buy […]

How To Make Yourself Irresistible To Girls

Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video.Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Milkhouse and more videos in the General Dating category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at www.howcast.com or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at www.howcast.com You […]

Greek Women Seeking Men at Greek Dating Websites

Greek women seeking men at Greek dating websites is becoming popular in the last few years. There are many Greece dating sites offer the free service for Greek single men to seek Greek girls for dating. The most two famous places are greek dating London and Greek dating Toronto. Many Greek relationships and marriages are […]

Tante Girang

I web googled for Tante Girang and Web Google served me the above Not Save For the Office pictures. Especially the picture in the middle is way too hot for comfort. So I thought: is my browser setting wrong? Not really, as Tante Girang gives you steamy pictures even if your browser is on Moderate […]

Free Kim Kardashian Sex Video

Do you want to see the free Kim Kardashian Sex Video? We will post the link to the video if and only if we get 30 extra subscribers to Adult Dating first! So after you subscribe to Adult Dating and leave a comment here …we will post the link to the Free Kim Kardashian Sex […]

Serena Kozakura

Because her boobs are too big, Japanese model Serena Kozakura wins in court… Just to show you that size does matter! The Serena Kozakura case Serena Kozakura Japanese fitness model Serena got convicted last year of property destruction… A man says: she kicked in the wooden door of his room and squeezed inside, because he […]

Sexy secretary comic

Ever wondered why your secretary walks into your office only wearing sexy lingerie? This is terrible Monday it seems… In my Please scold my sexy secretary I already explained why the Blog of the Weekend went terribly wrong… Now today my sexy secretary arrives late in the office with the silly excuse: "due to some […]

Gillian Chung sucks

Edison Chen, now that we know… And at first I thought Gillian Chung’s statement yesterday about being "silly and naive" then but "matured" now sucked as well… I mean: a 27 year old international star should know some things at 27 already, shouldn’t she? Do you want more visitors, yet your budget is small: Tip […]

Edison Chen scandal

Let’s do some sexy maths: 2 girls + 1 cup equals quite a hot video… Now 1 guy + 3 girls equals what? Chen + Chan + Chung + Cheung equals the hottest Asian Edison Chen scandal video ever. Maths has never been such fun… If you aren’t familiar with Asian celebrities, then have a […]

Fixing erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction affects 1 in 10 men in the world. It causes anxiety, lack of self-esteem, and difficulty in the relationship with their partner. For years now, Viagra has been the first choice for many men seeking for a cure for their condition. However, these pills cause a number of side effects and […]

Sexy Secretary

This is an evaluation of the Sexy Secretary Case Study we published 2 hours ago. The question was if Google would rank every new post number 1. Now if this was the case, you would have found the goldmine in how to make money online fast. We were quite skeptical that people could make money […]

Laure Manaudou

Laure Manaudou no need for bikini Laure Manaudou joins the sex tape rage that was started by Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Noelia and kind of all the rest of South America that didn’t make it through the qualifications of the Miss World Contests… Laure Manaudou is French and won the Melbourne Golden Medal […]

Rachel Aldana

Rachel Aldana : boobs without whiskers My name is Tiger and I am a cat. I own a human called Linky Love who felt way too shy to write this 32JJ huge post about the Guinness Boob of Records featuring Rachel Aldana. So I took my huge paws and will post the post for you, […]

What Zoey Zane can teach you about Money

Zoey Zane: Money is the lure! Zoey Zane and Emily Sander Did you ever wonder why you never heard about Zoey Zane until suddenly her webpage is down and at the same time a girl called Emily Sander that looks exactly like "Zoey Zane" went missing? Nude photos of 18-year-old Emily Sander appeared on a […]

What Fran Gerard can teach us about breast augmentations and making money

Be hot and popular: join our sexy Casual Dating Personals! What Fran Gerard can teach us about making money online If you are writing paid to blog posts, you surely have been written about breast-augmentations. Mostly these posts have no rules: just write an amazing 300 words… 300 words? Why so big? Well, as big […]

Show me a sexy secretary

Why am I Typing in my underwear? Because if I am attracting visitors like you 🙂 And I am not the only one using this strategy: seems the only way to get people looking at the weatherforecast has to do with short skirt and big cleavage. Jackie Guerrido pics Have a look at these Jackie […]

Ask all your sexy questions on Escort Raves forum!

If you are curious and want to know what sexy has to do with escort and hobbyist, why not ask your question online at Ask an Escort? If you do know about escorts and hobbyists and you want to get together, then visit the just launched Escort Forum: a place where hobbyists and providers can […]