Cat Karma: how to beat Google: new Text Link Ads!

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If you burn the land, new plants will emerge fast!

If Google burns down PageRank, new ideas will emerge fast!

New PageRank safe way of selling links!

If you look to your right, there is a thing that says “Are You in My TopSpots?” and there are a bunch of spots where you can buy a text link for.

The Blue TopSpots

I reserved 20 TopSpots: You are sure your link will be visible for a long time and not like Text Link Ads charging you more than $20, you can add your link there for only 10$!

Your text link will go 1 spot down when the next textlink is added.

Just click where it says “Show some love, buy one!” and you’ll be able to place your ad.

Note: these link ads are “nofollow”.

Your link will show on all pages of my blog.


Play by the rules

Before you say: "there are no rules on the Internet", read the following cartoon 🙂

Dharma the Cat: Play by the rules!

cat play by the rules

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The Google Rules are easy

  1. there shall be no paid links INSIDE the google SERP
  2. javascript links are invisible for Google
  3. the less links sipping out of your site, the better for your PageRank

Why wanting to beat a giant from without when you can play safe from within?

Make Money Online playing the Google rules

  1. Once in while a paid link is difficult to detect 🙂 Get a good PR so you only take well paid opportunities once in a while. If you wonder why Linky Love is no more writing paid posts, now you know: invest for a good PR!
  2. Good old paid javascript links are now served on the right top of our entire website: "Are You in My TopSpots" at the right top of Linky Love: for only $10 you can be part of this new PageRank safe linking strategy!
  3. Read the TOS of your Paid to Blog Service. PayPerPost allows you to delete posts after 30 days! Don’t worry to get banned by the advertiser, if your PR goes down, you are virtually banned from any advertiser (unless you love to work for 5$ a post…)

Do you want more Cat-wisdom?
Buy Dahrma the Cat Cartoon ebook here.

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  1. how to become a blogger?

  2. Salaaam. U can speak malay eh? I thought u are not Malaysian hehe. Neway thanx for da link, n i’m apologize for my previous words . Gud luck and all da best, have a nice days ahead 😉

  3. Dear Linky Love, Be careful with link sale, do you remember showmoney’s(very known blogger) history ?

  4. @Forumer

    Me try to be like our DPM says a glocal citizen, which for the rest of the world translates into a global citizen 🙂

    After all we only have 1 earth, the rest are superficial lines drawn by people who don’t have the interest in the people living inside those lines…

    For everybody: Please leave a comment when you link to me, seems the automatic link detector of WordPress misses out some added links, so :

    leave a comment and I will surely see your link!!!

  5. @Rapidshare

    You win some, you lose some… Just need to make sure you win more than you lose!

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