Cat Blogging

cat blogging

My human writing about pets on this Linky Love Pets Tuesdays told me to do the cat blogging of today, so herez goez…


First and foremost I installed a spell checker, so you humans can understand me better, ain’t I nice 🙂 (It ain’t a Welsh spell checker, sorry for that DaddyP…)

Second and therefore not so foremost, my human told me to answer the comment left by Jazmin over at our Ask-Any-Question-blog where all questions will be answered!

By the way, Jazmin is quite a cute cat, I know, since I am a cute cat myself. And be aware never ever to say cat to a Siamese in the first place. I can of course, because I am a Siamese Persian mix: 2 cats for the price of one.

Talking of 2 cats: the picture of the cat above is not me, because I post all my pictures over at cats photographs. So should you 🙂 The picture above is from which is the latest blog added today in our add your link TOPLIST.

Cat Blogging list

Below 4 cats that know how to blog and therefore are a huge help to their humans, of course even without blogging we cats and kittens make sure humans keep on the right track anyway:

So is you know any cat to add to my cat blogging list, please leave a comment!