Case Study – How to attract more visitors

Case Study: Why Kylie Minogue attracts more visitors than Gwen Stefani

Case Study : why

  1. Everything Kylie (powered by )

    attracts more visitors than

  2. Gwen Stefani Clothes (powered by Add URL )

How to compare visitors?

Just join the Linky Love Toplist and you will see:

  • each website and
  • their daily visitors

In our case study we see that Kylie is in the top 25, Gwen is way behind at the bottom of the top 50:

kylie minogue

Rank 19 with 16 visitors at this moment of the day

gwen stefani clothes

Rank 43 with 5 visitors at this moment of the day

Do you want to compare your daily visitors with ours? Then join the Linky Love Toplist now!

Why comparing your site with others?

Because having a look yourself it’s the easiest way to learn by example.

See what others do better and incorporate it in your website to attract more fresh visitors.

You could also learn how to attract fresh visitors by:

  • downloading e-books from probloggers:
    when you do what they say, you could turn you into a problogger as well
    (yet who listens to good advice, we are humans :-),
    and they give so much advice in 1 go that you could get overwhelmed)
  • using online tools to compare your websites:
    You could use a tool like Website Grader that tells me what I knew already :
    Kylie gets grade 74, Gwen only 51.

Who do you compare with?

You need to compare apples with apples. If you compare your site with, then you do need to hire a team of professionals to do better…

So compare with sites "in your league" :

  • sites about the same topic e.g. :
    • 1 Gwen Stefani site compares with another
  • sites about a similar topic e.g. :
    • (Gwen Stefani site compares with Kylie Minogue)
  • sites that have a similar "mother topic" e.g. :

Case study: what is Kylie Minogue doing better than Gwen Stefani?

  1. more attractive
  2. more accurate title
  3. more content
  4. more links

1. More attractive

  • everything Kylie
    Topfold screenshot of Kylie
  • gwen stefani
    Topfold screenshot of Gwen

It doesn’t need rocket science to see that:

  • Kylie’s site looks like a Kylie’s site and
  • Gwen’s site looks like a dull book…

If you want your fresh visitors to stay, make sure it’s love at first sight!

2. More accurate title

  • Everything Kylie
    Subtitle: Kylie news, music, videos, lyrics, commercials & more…
  • Gwen Stefani Clothes
    Subtitle: Gwen Stefani clothes is a reaction on the Gwen Stefani nude protests in Malaysia. We want to show that Gwen Stefani is one of the rare singers that doesn’t sell her body but does sell her Gwen Stefani clothes.

Kylie’s titles are clear: it’s everything you want to know about Kylie.
So if you are a fresh visitor, you know that you could find what you are looking for.

Gwen’s title is clear, yet the subtitle is way too long.
So if you are a fresh visitor, you are not completely sure what you could find here.And if you feel lost, most likely you go somewhere else…

3. More content

Like Steve, author of Kylie, comments when Linky Love featured him as Blog of the Weekend:

Regular updates are the key to success of course and keeping the content fresh is a must too.

  • Kylie has 118 posts,
  • Gwen only has 14 posts.

Again: It doesn’t need rocket science to know that more content could mean:

  1. your fresh visitors will find what they are looking for
  2. your fresh visitors want to return because there could be more interesting posts soon

4. More incoming links

Being Lazy and using the Website Grader we learn:

gwen stefani kylie monogue

Consider a link as your name-card: if Gwen only has 37 name-cards "out there" compared to 2122 Kylie name-cards…

Again: It doesn’t need rocket science to know that people will much easier find Kylie than Gwen!

After comparing: make a todo list

Especially those online tools are fun when it comes to comparing websites, but you need to do some work now in order to get as good as the site you are comparing yourself with.

My TO DO List:

  1. more attractive: add some pictures in the topfold
  2. more accurate title: change the subtitle
  3. more content: post more regularly (which I am doing from this week on)
  4. more links: go and get some linky love …
  5. glue this to do list next on my screen!


In one month, we will have a look :

  • have I been doing what’s on my TODO list
  • are my efforts are paying off
  • what I should do to improve

If you have a TODO list:

always make sure to evaluate if your TODO list is paying off!

For Steve

For Steve, author of Kylie:

  1. Please add your comments on how to attract more visitors 🙂
  2. Please make an extra comment (which won’t be published) what your advertising earnings are? Rough break-down will do 🙂 Thanks!

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