Carla Bruni naked

carla bruni nakedHave a look how Carla Bruni will be sold butt naked at Christie’s today: see the exclusive Carla Bruni naked picture that will at least get a £2,000 price tag!

This naked Carla Bruni picture was put up for auction last week at Christie’s New York, minutes before her state visit to Britain.

Since it’s sold at the world-famous auction house Christie’s so that makes it a perfectly respectable work of art….

Carla Bruni bio

carla bruni photoCarla Bruni Tedeschi, born 23 December 1967, is an Italian songwriter, singer and model, and…

For those who don’t follow the French news, don’t recognize the man in the picture or only recognized the pyramids…

… well, the guy on the right is Mister Nicolas Sarkozy : the actual French President.

The girl on the left is Carla Bruni his wife of a few weeks… Well: Sarkozy first needed to show he was a family man and get elected as French President.

Once that job was done, he divorces his wife and former model Cecilia and re-marries former model Carla Bruni. Talking about consistency!

Talking about a man with a plan… !!!

Anyway, I am sure Sarkozy’s marriage was ruined after he saw heard Carla Bruni singing in his the shower…

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